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flowers & cake design: class 1

Hello everybody. I am taking another Wilton Cake Design course. The Wilton classes are broken into three parts: Decorating Basics (complete), Flowers and Cake Design (currently enrolled), and Gum Paste & Fondant. Since it was our first class, we didn’t really get to do a whole lot. But I do have some flowers to show you. Also, I’m realizing there is a lot they don’t tell you on those competitive cake decorating shows, I’ll talk about this in a minute.

Today was my first day working with gum paste. That stuff is a pain. When you’re watching Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes and they work with gum paste, you think it’s super easy. Well, it’s not quite that great. You can’t let this stuff just sit there. Depending on how thick you rolled it, after about three minutes, it will start to harden and you risk breaking your design. We used some type of cookie cutter thing to make flowers. Honestly, these were ugly and I can’t imagine ever wanting to make them again.

I made the purple gum paste by combining gum paste and purple fondant. This took a lot of time and effort. The final result is swirly because I eventually gave up. It’s not so well combined.

This cookie cutter is a Wilton press that came with the student kit for the course. The final result:

The cutter isn’t sharp, so there was a lot I had to pick off to shape the edges. Another thing they don’t tell you on those cake shows, you really have to work to not mix colors. My purples had streaks of yellow and vice-versa.

Next we moved on to pansies, which I think could be pretty edible flowers in a different color.

I’m not sure why we made them two colors. A simple purple would have been just fine. Here they are cut out:

And then we took a ball tool and gave them a nice curved edge.

Then we added some more petals and a stamen [woo flower anatomy!].

So obviously, I could use some practice. But I think I’ll have to make around 30 of these for a final project, so I should be a pro.

Things I’ve learned about gum paste and fondant, or what they don’t tell you on Ace of Cakes:

-It dries super fast.
-It is easy to get dirty. I used an old wooden pie crust roller and there was lint all over my yellow fondant.
-It tastes like junk. Ok, this was no surprise. But it’s ashamed how much work goes into them and how often they’re picked off the cake. This is why I truly prefer butter cream cakes with frosting decorations. Wilton is loaded. So why can’t they find a decent tasting fondant and butter cream? Truly, I didn’t east a single thing from my last course, because the butter cream tasted terrible. The same goes for these flowers.
-A little goes a little way. I spent $10 on Wilton’s gum paste and I only got two colors out of it. I’ve got to find a recipe to make my own, because I can’t afford 3 more classes worth at that rate.

I’ll be back next week with class two.

you thought I was joking

I thought it was only fair to show you the results of my last cake decorating class [Wilton Cake Decorating Basics Class 3]. This is what happens when your icing melts.

The one on the right is supposed to be a shaggy mum. The one on the middle was me emptying out my frosting bag.

Note how the icing falls off the cupcake.

I promise I’m a little more talented than this. But there are no secrets here.  This is my decorating ignominy.

the weekender 12/17/2010

Good Morning! Today is my last day of work for two weeks. Which is great, because I get to sleep in and work on my blog. But it’s two weeks without pay. The college shuts down at noon today, and we all walk over to the union for a great holiday feast with games and door prizes. I really appreciate when employers do things like that.

Yesterday I had my cake decorating class. I couldn’t even take pictures of the disaster, it was too depressing. We decorated cupcakes and worked on various flower and rose designs. Half-way through the class, my icing just started melting and separating. It’s like the water and the shortening just break apart. This has happened before (with non-Wilton icing) and it’s made a huge mess. Needless to say, my flowers lost all shape and just turned into a giant puddle of goo. I need to investigate what causes this. For some reason, I have a suspicion it might be the food dye. Thoughts? Also, the yellow cake turned out dry. We’re talking cornbread dry. You win some and you lose some.

Speaking of winsome, B Jones Style has a tutorial for a romantic, 20’s inspired hair updo.

A recipe for Red Velvet Fudge. Yes Please.

A d.i.y. project of a Big Fluffy Wreath made out of coffee filters. It’s so poofy I want to sit on it.

A great tutorial on how to make Cupcake Tree Ornaments. Yes, those aren’t real. They’re pretty decoration.

A beautiful winter shirt dress with tutorial over at Elle Apparel. I really want to try this one.

Reindeer made from wine corks and backyard findings. What a cute idea at Recyclart.

Have a great weekend everyone.



wilton method class 1- decorating basics

Here’s a post full of cakes! I had my second Wilton Method class last week where I made this beauty:


Well, maybe beauty  isn’t quite the word, but it has character. I was really unhappy with the dying gels. They were a little darker than I wanted.


I also couldn’t quite get the motions on the cupcake right, so instead of looking fluffy, it looks like clouds.


The decorating class ran into my friend’s birthday. So I quickly ran home and wrote “Happy Birthday” on the cake. It turns out, I am an awful judge of distance and symmetry. Luckily, I was able to redeem myself this weekend and make her another cake.

cake4With a little more time I was able to get the writing a little cleaner. This was also a cake that I made from scratch, including the icing. It didn’t have Wilton’s disgusting stuff, but instead was a cream cheese frosting.


I did see why Wilton uses the lard/confectioners sugar combo icing, because my cream cheese and butter started melting. I also used regular food dye instead of their gels. I was much happier with the color of this one.


Yeah, that’s my made-from-scratch carrot cake. It’s kind of a big deal.