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weekend adventures: wakulla springs

My friends and I went to Wakulla Springs State Park this weekend to cool off by the springs.

Wakulla Walkway

The Wakulla Springs are old, like Saber-Tooth old. They were home to our prehistoric ancestors. I’m fascinated that I have a chance to swim in the same waters they did


and walk in the same forests.

Wakulla Tree Path

These days, I’m falling deeply in love with North Florida. It’s going to be a hard place to leave.

Mossy Trees

On Sunday, I continued with my equestrian lessons. So here are some gratuitous photos of that. These are the only photos where I don’t have a terrified look on my face, so I’m posting ’em!

I am having a blast at these lessons. I never grew out of my childhood “horse phase.”

Ok, so I sort of look like I’m about to fall off in this picture. I’m getting more comfortable and much faster. I can’t wait to start jumping over things.

And I love this horse. He’s such a sweetie!