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valentine’s day roundup

Now that I’m (sort of) unemployed and finally have all kinds of time to craft, I don’t seem to have the space, money, or supplies. Currently I’m in temporary housing and all of my crafting supplies are packed in a storage unit. Also, I haven’t happened upon a craft store yet, and I don’t think I’m braving the 18 degree weather today to find one.

Even still, I have been scouring the craft-loving internets for Valentine’s Day inspiration.

Horny for you

How perfect are these cookies? I just love animals with horns! This Etsy shop delivers by V-Day and there’s even a unicorn cookie!

I love this ombre paint chip wreath. This is a craft I can certainly make in the apartment I’m staying in and it probably cost less than $5.

Here’s another cheap and beautiful ombre d.i.y. made with paint chips. I’ve really got to get on the “paint chip craft” bandwagon.

This 3D fringe heart would make the best party decor. Right?

This Pom Pom Heart Wreath looks simple and quick to make. I wonder if it could work with cotton balls or home made pom poms.

And finally, show your friends you really do put your heart into your baking with this tutorial. How lovely are these cupcakes?

So, have you finished your Valentine’s Day crafts yet?

Valentine’s Day Door Decoration Tutorial

Remember this box I used to make  this shelf? Well, there was still a whole panel of it left. So I decided to make a cute DIY Valentine’s Door Decoration. What do you think?


Here’s how to make it.

Valentine’s Day Door Decoration


-Box cutter or Xacto knife
-Paint: Red & White
– Hot Glue

How to:

1. Make a Heart Stencil
You remember this one ladies from Kindergarten. Fold a piece of paper in half. Draw half a heart outline.


Cut it and Voila!


You’ve got a stencil. Cut it to a size you think will fit your door and handwriting.

2. Trace your stencil.

Since I spelled “Welcome,” I needed seven hearts. But you could write other things, if you’d like.

3. Cut your stencil.

Using the box cutter. You also might want to use a cutting mat, unless you want your table to look like mine.


4. Paint your hearts.
I used acrylic paint. It took about three coats. Wait for them to dry between each coat.


5. Paint out your letters.
It occurred to me a stencil would be a good choice here, but I freehanded it. After I painted them, I outlined them with a sharpie to make things look neater.


6. Line up the letters to form your word.
Line them up exactly how you’d like to see them hanging.


7. Hot glue them together.

8. Add string.
Measure out the length you want your decoration to hang.


Turn your sign over and use the hot glue gun to fasten the string to your cardboard.


Really pour the glue on and make sure it’s completely covered.


Cut any extra string that may be visible.


Be sure that the glue is completely dry before hanging. And you’re done!