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shabby chic desk makeover

 I found this little lady in a moment of impulse dumpster diving on my way home from the gym.

desk pre paintjob

I hate to see a perfectly good piece of furniture thrown away. Especially since this one had such unique shelving. It just needed a little love.

desk pre paintjob

Or maybe it had too much in its past life?

desk pre paintjob

I felt sorry for it, took it home, cleaned it up and gave it a new coat of paint.

deskI really need to stop feeling sorry for inanimate objects. But look how much better she turned out.

desk with paint

I used a Valspar Semi-Gloss.


What do you think? What a cute shabby chic desk for my bedroom.

upcycled high waist skirt

I had a very successful day yesterday. As part of my handmade/secondhand Christmas plan, I scored some really great things at a big garage sale in Georgia. I got my mom and my sister some nice shirts from White House | Black Market for $1 each. I found a really nice men’s coat, also for $1, and hope to give it to my dad or my brother [the size it cut off of it, so I don’t know who it will fit]. I also made this skirt:


The original was part of a two-piece padded shoulder dress thing that I bought at a thrift store for $1. The original skirt was a high-waste pleated/bunched thing that went down to my mid-calf.

Skirt 3

Do you see the pattern? They’re sort of like neon roses. I cut about 9 inches off of the bottom and added a 2-inch elastic waist to the top. I so desperately wanted to give you a tutorial, I took the pictures and all, but the truth is I really used some hacks to get this one to work. But it is lovely.

skirt2Not too bad for $1. Keep a lookout for this fabric, you will see this one return soon. I have 9 inches from the bottom and a whole top to use.