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painted bookshelf DIY

I wanted a shabby chic bookcase for my apartment, but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for it. I decided to DIY it and was on the hunt for a bookshelf with lots of potential.


Then one day I was walking home and saw this seriously neglected thing in the trash. I walked past it, and briefly considered it for half a block. Then I turned around and called Ryan to ask him to help me carry it home (and up three flights of stairs).

While I’m no stranger to grabbing things out of the trash and bringing them into my home, I have always been too scared to do it in New York because of bed bugs. But I figured I was safe because:

1. It was cold outside. Bed bugs like warm temperatures.
2. It was only one item of furniture (if you see an entire apartment’s worth of furniture, stay away!).
3. I didn’t see any bed bugs.

Regardless, I wiped it down with bleach before I brought it into my apartment.

I just love the final result. Here’s what I did. I wiped down the entire thing. Its previous owner was using it for a makeup stand (pictured above). I removed the top tier, lowering the height of the shelf.

Then I repainted the white shelves with leftover paint. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace and painted the legs of the bookshelf with two sample sizes of Benjamin Moore’s Ticonderoga Taupe.

The whole project cost $3! I certainly recommend browsing the sample area of the paint store for cheap, high quality paint. Especially if you’re doing a small touch up.

This is not the first time I’ve rescued something from the trash and gave it a new life. Remember this adorable desk? Or this shabby chic window?

shabby chic desk makeover

 I found this little lady in a moment of impulse dumpster diving on my way home from the gym.

desk pre paintjob

I hate to see a perfectly good piece of furniture thrown away. Especially since this one had such unique shelving. It just needed a little love.

desk pre paintjob

Or maybe it had too much in its past life?

desk pre paintjob

I felt sorry for it, took it home, cleaned it up and gave it a new coat of paint.

deskI really need to stop feeling sorry for inanimate objects. But look how much better she turned out.

desk with paint

I used a Valspar Semi-Gloss.


What do you think? What a cute shabby chic desk for my bedroom.