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my first horse show

I had my first horse show last Saturday! Despite being incredibly nervous and more than clueless, I received a blue ribbon for my equitation class. I rode one of the lesson horses named Turkish Delight, also called Turkalicious, Turkelton, Turk-a-derk, or usually just Turk. Sorry for the photo dump. But come on, how cute is he?


I cannot even tell you how much I love this guy.

It was a chilly, foggy morning while we were warming up.

Here’s a few of us in the ring during the show.

The equitation class was just a walk/trot, but you know, we got a little fast.

And my friends drove all the way out to the country to see me perform. It was really touching.

I’m going to miss riding so much when I move to NY. I’ve already scoped out barns to try to ride in, but let’s be honest, equestrian is a rich white girl sport, and while I may have the income to do a few lessons in Tallahassee, it’s not very likely that I can afford it in NY. I’ve already investigated the cost and a one-hour private lesson is almost triple what I’m paying here.

I’ll also be unemployed for a while, mostly by choice, which means no health insurance, which definitely means no riding. I hope to pick it back up in March or April when I’m more settled and NY is warmer. Even though I’m discussing these obstacles,  I don’t think anything can stop me from riding. I look forward to my lesson each week and leaving the ranch and the Iron Star Equestrian Team will be incredibly sad. In the mean time, I’ll always think back with great fondness about my first show and this dear horsey.