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MoMA Rain Room

A few weeks ago Ryan and I went with some friends to see the MoMA’s Rain Room.

It was an incredible experience. The Rain Room is an art installation that makes it rain all around you, but not on you.

We waited in line for three or four hours, and only spent a few minutes inside. Can you believe it? It was still worth it.

They only let ten people in at a time and you can take as long as you want inside. It was nice not to feel crowded or rushed once we were inside. It made us appreciate the wait a bit more.

I took my camera in to grab a few shots, but I was most interested in just being present in the room.

 The room was all black with a giant white light at the end. The photos above were taken with us standing in front of the light. With my back to the light, this is what the room looked like.

Pretty cool, huh?