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DIY Potato Stamp Holiday Cards

Spend some time this weekend making your own holiday cards. My friends and I got together for our annual craft night where we listened to Belle & Sebastian Christmas music, drank spiked wassail, and of course, used lots of glitter.

The best thing to come out of tonight was discovering one of Ryan’s hidden talents. It turns out he’s fantastic at carving potato stamps. He made all of the stamps. We made ginger bread, candy canes, Christmas trees, and light bulbs. What do you think?






I hope I’ve inspired you to make your own. The potato stamps are pretty simple. Just cut a potato in half, pick a shape, and start carving. I’d think about tracing out your shape first, just to get a feel for the size and everything. But Ryan just took a parring knife and went at it, and they turned out fine. We stamped with plain old acrylic paint.

Oh, and the best card of the evening goes to my friend Bryan, who made a Mayan/2012/End of Times Christmas Card.



He totally cracks me up. Here’s the inside of that card.



Tonight was such a perfect Tallahassee night to spend with friends.