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kitties will puke on everything you love

A few of you have seen this already since I spoiled it with my instagram and twitter, but I still feel it warrants a post, because this needlework couldn’t be more relevant to my life, thanks to my kitty with an extremely sensitive stomach.

There are three cats living in our apartment. I’ve seen all three of them puke (this just got weird), but, really, the ultimate perpetrator is this guy.

You can tell by his pudgy stomach that he loves food and snuggles. (Although, I think the latter is often forced on him.) And he looks so cute when he cleans his face after gorging. You can guess what will happen next…

This pattern is from Craftster. It didn’t come with color codes, but here are the floss colors I used.

Black Text – DMC 310
Green Border – DMC 988
Light Pink Large Hearts – DMC 3326
Dark Pink Small Hearts DMC 309
Dark Grey Kitties – Presnica 8756 

I had no idea when I started this project (back in January) how well it would match my future apartment’s walls.

Ok, here’s the big reveal. I’ve been hiding this from you, dear readers. My walls are pink and green.

It’s the reason why you haven’t seen any apartment tours. I know they don’t look that bad (especially in this photo), but they are that bad. When we signed the lease, we thought we could deal with it, but now, three months in, we’re simply annoyed. My roommate and I aren’t exactly the best at interior decorating, and we can’t paint, so please let us know if you have any suggestions for decorating around this mess.