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revitalize your couch cushions

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The biggest eyesore in my house is truly my couch.

Saggy Couch Cushions

I have big plans and dreams for this thrift-store find. Maybe one day I’ll get around to create a slip cover for it a la Honey Bear Lane, because frankly, I’m not even sure what color this couch is. Green? Brown? Regardless, if anything were to be done about the couch, it had to start with the back cushions.

couch cusions

I bought the couch with these saggy and lifeless back cushions. Over the past year and a half, they’ve just gotten worse. For some reason, only the middle cushion can stand upright. The side two are absolutely hopeless. So I set out to change it.

How to Re-Stuff Couch Cushions

*I apologize in advance for the terrible lighting in my house, which creates awful pictures.

For this project, you’ll need:

I took the pillow form out of the case and placed it on a flat piece of batting. I traced around the pillow, leaving about 5 inches of space on each side. You’ll need to cut two pieces.

pillow form

This pillow has a curve in it that fits over the armrest. I initially worried that I would really mess this part up, especially since I didn’t measure anything, but it works out because the pillow case holds a more defined curve than the pillow form.

On my second batting cut-out, I made the bottom piece a little longer, so I can create a wide base for the bottom.

pillow form

Pin the sides together and sew around the entire thing – sorry, no picture. I sewed at the 5/8″ line and didn’t even bother changing my thread color. It’s a tough sew. My machine made all sorts of bad noises. I recommend using a walking foot if you have one. I didn’t.

Leave a little opening big enough for you to put your hand though, so you can stuff your pillow. I left my opening at the bottom left corner.


I didn’t trim my thread or seams. I didn’t even turn it inside out. No one will see this, ever.

Next, start stuffing. You can buy more stuffing if you want, but I just used the polyester mix that was already in my old pillow form, which had a big hole in it.


Yeah, I didn’t cut that hole. It was already busted apart.

For the most part, this stuffing worked fine. I bought a huge bag in anticipation of filling the new pillow form, but only used a few handfuls. The filling from the old pillow just needed to be handled and spread apart a little.


Pay attention to pushing the stuffing back into corners.


Once the pillow was stuffed, I started to freak out. It looked way bigger than my pillow form or the case. Also, it was a little crooked. I’m sloppy.

Then I went on to sew up the hole in the corner.

sewingI’m not an expert at hand sewing. It doesn’t matter. No one will see this.

And you’re done!


Place it back in your pillow case.


I love the new full-bodied pillow. Any problems with the shape of the pillow form are fixed once you place it in the case.

Total Cost:
High Loft Batting: $17 with 50% off coupon: $8.50
Pillow stuffing (optional): $7, but I didn’t use enough to suggest purchasing it for this project

Total Time: 45 min! I think the time and financial investment are well worth it.

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