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fourth of july cake

I need more reasons to make cakes. Yesterday, I brought this patriotic cake to a party. I only took one photo with my iPhone. Taking pictures may never come naturally to me. Anyway, it was one delicious cake.

Let’s be honest, I consume a lot. I buy a lot of goods and services, many of which I don’t need. My thoughts on consumption are, “it’s ok to consume, if you’re creating at an equal output.” Of course this is an arbitrary rule, but it doesn’t change the fact that I struggle with the fact that I don’t create anything. My friends say, “but you craft!” But look at this blog. I don’t craft anymore. I found that crafting caused me to buy too many things: paintbrushes, fancy paper, yarn, and tons of baubles. Don’t even get me started on the hundreds of dollars of cake decorating supplies I have.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend who said, “I think we are all creating and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical product.”

I like that idea. And in the meantime, at least I can create a tasty meal and a pretty cake. And I really want to ramp up my re-purposed craft projects.

In other news, Ryan and I are going to Apalachicola this weekend to stay in a Bed & Breakfast (my first one!) and soak up plenty of sun.

Cake details:
White Cake Recipe – Martha Stewart (Crumb alert! This was one crumbly cake.)
Buttercream Frosting Recipe – Savory Sweet Life (except, I was like 3 cups short of powdered sugar)