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nerdy Valentine’s Day cards for your special someone

Please excuse me while I nerd out and share my favorite Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards with you.Game of Thrones Nerdy Valentine's day cards

(Chris Bishop via buzzfeed)

Let’s be real. I could end this post right here. Because, well, any guy who gives me a Tyrion or John Snow valentine would be the best. ♥

But while Game of Thrones does take up the biggest spot in my nerd-girl heart (maybe because the books are so damn long?!), there are tons of other nerdtastic v-day cards.

cylon Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

cylon Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Battlestar Galatica Valentine’s Day Cards

When Ryan and I went through our BSG affair, we would frequently ask each other, “would you still love me if I were a cylon?” Finding out your partner is a cylon must be the ultimate test of love, right?

And this card. Oh gosh, my heart would swell if anyone gave me this card.

Legend of Zelda Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Legend of Zelda Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Legend of Zelda Card

We have such adventurous spirits, that this could pretty much sum up our relationship.

 But, I feel like this card might be more up his alley, as far as romance goes.

Princess Leia Star Wars nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Princess Leia Letterpress Card

Or this card.

Spock Star Trek Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

 Spock Card (and so many more Star Trek cards)

I would love to give this card to my friend Michael, who introduced me to table top RPGs.

Natural 20 Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Natural 20 Card

 And these to all of my friends who adore Firefly.

 Firefly Valentine's Day Card

Firefly Valentine’s Day Cards

And if you just can’t decide which nerdy card would be best, this one pretty much covers them all.

Awkward Affections

Awkward Affections Card

But I think this one might be my favorite one of all.

Carl Sagan e-Card download

I’m always fond of when Carl Sagan is portrayed as a romantic figure. And also, his love story might be my favorite love story of all.

valentine’s day already?

Well, I guess it’s a month away. I am hyped to share some not so average cards with you. They’re all handmade, so less Hallmark-consumer stuff.

Free download of these at Bunny Cakes.

The one thing I’d like to see more than an otter is a cupcake.

via erinaellis

I swear one day I’ll do a romantic hot air balloon ride.

from twoguitars

Because I freaking love dinosaurs!

from OrangeTwist

For the cynic.

from JulieAnnA

This whale in the clouds is so pretty.

by LittleBeaStudio

Ah! What’s to say? I llove llamas!

by papermenagerie

And finally this one…

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it. It’s like someone has been listening to my conversations. Is this too much? Cheese alert. The beau and I don’t say “I love you.” Instead we saw “Olive You.” I guess we’re not so original.

from TheMadStamper