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new year’s recap: last year and this year

Each year on this blog, I take a look back at my life and the goals I’ve made for myself.  It’s refreshing, since, as I’ve mentioned before, I do get caught up in the day to day, and it’s hard to see how my life has progressed.

This year has been a particularly rough one. It was hard to look at my 2012 recap and read about how happy 2012 was for me, knowing 2013 didn’t compare. But 2013 was a year of change, and people aren’t necessarily happy during times of change. I know everything I went through this year was for the best and I feel like things are on the upswing.

New York Trains

This year, I left my home and friends in Tallahassee and moved to New York with Ryan. (My one-year NYC anniversary is next week!)

Career-wise, it was certainly a challenging year. I worked as a temp for a long time, which made me feel like I was just out of college again. The job market in NYC is rough and super-competitive. I faced a lot of rejection. I eventually got a full-time job that lets me work from home. So, it’s pretty exciting and it’s a relief to be going into the new year with some job security.

This has also been a challenging year for me and Ryan as we figured out who we are in this new environment. We grew and adjusted to New York in different ways, which wasn’t always easy. And we also leaned on each other more than ever, since we had fewer friends and a less than stellar social life in our new home. Although a lot changed around us, I think we’re still the same people at our core. We’re both really driven and talk about the future a lot. We were also really patient with each other as we figured things out. I am so thankful we’re capable of this type of patience and understanding.

Bronx Botanical Garden

As for this blog, well, I did a pretty terrible job at keeping up with it. I don’t know if I’ll be any better about it next year, but it’s still fun to have around and I’m pretty proud of all of the work I’ve put into it.

Hiking in the Catskills Mountains

2013 Recap

(You can view my 2013 resolutions here.)

In 2013 I:

  • Moved to New York City.
  • Lived in three different apartments.
  • Got a new job after a brief stint of unemployment.
  • I went sledding for the first time
  • Went camping three times and did actual mountain hikes, which are totally different from Florida hikes (the picture above is from one of these hikes)
  • Took too many months off from exercising, but picked it back up.
  • Opened a Roth IRA
  • Embroidered some, cross-stitched more.
  • Ate some of the best food of my life (Smorgasburg!)
  • Learned how to use my DSLR.
  • Met lots of new people.
  • Ran a total of 243 miles
  • Took far too many pictures of my cats.
  • Did some incredible New York things like visited the MoMa Rain Room, walked through tons of gardens and parks, and saw Macbeth on Broadway.
  • Gained a few pounds, but eventually lost them.
  • Sort-of redesigned my blog.
  • Continued taking monthly pictures with Ryan, mostly.
  • Cooked a lot, shopped at the farmer’s market often, and signed up for a CSA.
  • Signed up to complete a half-marathon in Feb. 2014 and started my training.
It feels really good to see all of those things I did last year.

Looking Forward in 2014

It’s hard for me to envision what 2014 will look like, because 2013 was just unlike anything I could possibly have expected. I do think my adjustment period is over and overall things are looking up. I hope to get a lot more done in 2014.
In 2014 I will:
  • Learn a new language (my first class is Wednesday!)
  • Run a half-marathon, hopefully two.
  • Visit a New England state I’ve never been to.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Ride horses again.
  • Celebrate holidays (Ryan and I sucked at this in 2013)
  • Document more – on the blog, my private journal, instagram, and in my food/exercise journal on myfitnesspal.
  • Practice kindness.

an enthusiastic heart finds opportunities everywhere: new year’s resolutions


Yuck, it’s terribly rainy outside, what a way to spend New Year’s Day – stuck inside. But I love the sound of rain and I’ve spent the day with my boyfriend and his parents, and it was a wonderful first day of the year.

Let’s talk about resolutions. My 2010 resolution was to shop locally, and I’m pretty confident I accomplished that goal. Shopping locally is hard to measure, but I bought the majority of my produce from the farmer’s market and the majority of my clothes from secondhand stores.

I’ve really been putting off my New Year’s resolutions, but I guess today is the day. The first one I’m going to tackle in vein of Kendi, is getting over my fear. Hello, I’m chicken. I really let fear stop me from doing a lot of things. I don’t even attempt half of what I’m capable of because I can’t deal with the fear of failure and the fear of uncertainty.

Fear related resolutions:

-Take the GRE.  I’ve been putting this one off for a long time. Although I’m not sure if graduate school is right for me, I do love education and I love being a student. If I ever decide to go back, at least I’ll have the scores to back me up.

– Complete a 5K. I started a beginning running class, but I was to terrified to run the 5K, even though I’ve ran it alone. I panic at thinking about running it in a group and race-style.

Apply for jobs that I want. I tell myself I’m not applying for my dream jobs because I am perfectly happy where I am. The truth is, sure I really enjoy my job, but it’s certainly not a dream job. Although I’m qualified for a lot of desirable jobs, I’m usually too scared to actually turn in my resume. I am fearful of money, moving, and leaving the security of things I know like a good boss, a familiar town, and good friends. Oh, and not getting the job.

Here are other lifestyle related aspirations for this year:

-Leave the plastic behind. Even though I’m shopping locally, it still seems like I’m bringing home a lot of things in plastic. Everything about plastic angers me, and when I’m seen with a disposable plastic item, I am usually embarrassed or ashamed. Those tiny salsa cups at Moe’s? They’re out.  My fifteen minutes of convenience isn’t worth 500+ years of decomposing.

-Meditate often. This first involves figuring out how to meditate and then actually doing it.

– Make money doing something freelance. Whether it’s from this blog or from some other business venture I’ve been considering. I really hope to have multiple incomes one day, and I think this is the year to start down that road.

– Learn to crochet. I just got a how-to book for Christmas.

-Learn to do without. I’m ready to start clearing my life of all of its clutter. This includes getting rid of stuff I never use and refraining from purchasing new things. I watched one too many episodes of hoarders over the winter break.