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sunday catch up

I haven’t been blogging much and it’s making me very sad. After our move to New York, I expected to be settled much faster than this. Or maybe this transition has been quick, and I’m just impatient. After all, it will only be three months tomorrow. The kitchen in the room I’m renting isn’t great for cooking. And the closest craft stores are expensive, 35 minutes away, and only sell specialty stuff like yarn or paper. I’m looking at craft supplies online, but it’s not the same as waking into a Michael’s.

Sometimes, it seems impossible to do the things I love. Baking, crafting, camping, and equestrian. I had my first, and last, riding lesson in the city. It was a pretty awful experience. So now, I’m looking to ride somewhere in New Jersey, but that requires a car. I’m exploring those options and, hopefully, I’ll be riding again by Autumn.

Maybe I need to love new things in this new city. But where does that leave this blog? And where does that leave me?

Not all is hopeless. I am baking donuts as I write this. And I finally signed a lease in a dream apartment. It has a huge kitchen, two pantries, and a dining room. So, my days of entertaining and baking are close. And I can finally get my cats back, although, it might break my heart to take them away from Ryan. They’re so sweet to each other.

new york: one week anniversary

Ryan and I celebrated our one week anniversary in New York with my first snowfall. I’ve seen snow maybe one and a half times ever. And I certainly haven’t seen it falling from the sky. I was so excited about it, I took photos from our bedroom window in my pajamas.



The snow only lasted a few minutes and it was completely gone by the time the sun came up. Maybe I’ll regret saying this later, but I can’t wait for the first downpour.

I’ve spent this week walking around the city and eating copious amounts of bagels, cupcakes, and pizza.

Oh god, the cupcakes! I ate n them two days in a row. At least I’m walking it off, right?

Manhattan and Brooklyn are filled with such beautiful things (and people!).

Fort Greene Whale

Fort Green Right Whale

Coca Cola Bottles

Cage and Bottles

Look! A wall full of cookie cutters! Be still my heart.

Cookie Cutters

Brooklyn has a surprising amount of greenery. The apartment I’m staying in is right next to Fort Greene Park, so I get to walk through it daily.Fort Greene Park

Every day I find more favorite things about New York. Today it was using kale as a decorative plant.

kale plants

And how there are flowers at every market. I imagine all the houses are filled with fresh flowers and like to fantasize that lovers randomly stop at the markets to bring home bouquets to their partners.


Also on my list of favorite things: a four-story tall Designer Shoe Warehouse.

the weekender, New York edition 1/18

[image source]

In honor of living in a big city and a small space, I’ve rounded up some of links just for you, New Yorkers (that’s me!).

3-in-one breakfast stations, portable laundry machines, and counter top dishwashers. I swoon at these small space solutions.

I am so ready to nerd out at the Museum of Mathematics.

I could spend hours looking at the American Museum of Natural History’s flickr.

Make your friends believe you have a sixth sense of knowing where the subway doors will open by using this (gross) trick.

30 vegetarian sandwiches done right. Can’t wait.

Also, the best dive bars in NYC followed up with the best hangover foods.

p.s. my favorite things about New York so far:

Water is immediately offered at  every restaurant.
No iceberg lettuce. Every salad I’ve had has legitimate greens.
Stinky cheese and sharp cheddar in abundance.
Hot water in all bathroom faucets. What?! In Florida, this never happens.

hello, New York

After two days of intense moving, the saddest (cat) goodbyes, and one short flight, Ryan and I finally made it to the big city. It’s pretty exhilarating. Although, we’ve sort of spent the last two days recovering from moving. But, now that that’s over, I think we’re ready to start going out and getting into trouble, just in time for the weekend.

Being in NYC is pretty surreal for both of us. It feels more like a vacation. I still feel like I can go back to my Tallahassee home whenever I want. I wonder when that feeling will go away. I won’t have my own apartment here until March. In fact, in a couple of days, I’ll spend a month sharing a room with a pool table.

I am traditionally an uptight person. But since deciding to move, I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that I’ll have much control over the next few weeks of my life. It’s amazing how flexible I have become. I’m thankful for this exercise in letting go. However, I can feel a lingering panic waiting to kick in.

I don’t have any pictures of the city yet. My point and shoot doesn’t do it justice and I’m nervous to take my Rebel out. Although, I’m only really nervous of looking like a tourist.

heart it races

Here’s a Sunday morning rambling post for you. I want to apologize for the infrequent posting in the next few weeks, as Ryan and I move to NYC. We’re only 9 days away. The tutorials and d.i.y.s will probably slow to a halt for a while, but thanks for sticking with me.

I haven’t been doing much cooking because, get this, my fridge died over Christmas and I lost all of my food. And since I’m moving, it just seems stupid to buy any more, really. The crafts have also stopped for a while, since the craft supplies are all packed up.

When I move to NY, I’m also unsure what my setup will be. We’re staying with a friend until we can get our own places, but I won’t be signing any leases until I get a job. In the interim, all of my baking supplies and most of my cooking supplies will be in storage. And the kitchen I’ll be using in NY is tiny (I guess I should get used to that).

Without cooking, crafting, nature, wildlife and Tallahassee, I feel like I might lose part of myself, and certainly this blog’s identity. I’m interested to see how I adapt. If I look back on this post in a year will I say, “what was I so worried about?” Or will I say, “I can’t imagine ever cooking in this city?”

Ryan and I finally had our Christmas, as per tradition, a week or two late. We somehow never manage to make the shipping deadlines for Christmas day. He presented me with this darling apron from Anthropologie.

For his gift, I made a donation in his name to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

My new glasses came in! They’re from Warby Parker. Ryan and I always get our glasses from them, they’re cheap, well made, stylish, and a charitable corporation.

My glasses are the Sims. They’re comfortable and were a big hit when I debuted them at the bar Friday night.

This morning, ryan showed me how to put leather protector on my new snow boots. Snow boots! Can you believe it? I’m such a Floridian. I bought a pair of L.L. Bean’s Bean Boots on sale and love them.

LL Bean Boots

They’re not laced yet, but I can’t wait to wear them. We also applied leather protector to all of my horse riding gear. I really appreciate that after all of this time, ryan and I still are able to teach each other things.

Now I just have to teach him how to make an omelet.


I’ve spent the past week in my hometown, so glazed over by equal parts excitement and nerves that it’s hard to believe that I’m even returning to Tallahassee for two more weeks before our move to New York. I have, with surprising ease, accepted that I won’t have a home for the next few months. My house in Tallahassee will only be a shell as I throw out its contents and post pictures of its more essential parts on craigslist for internet buyers’ gaping, anonymous faces. My home, a collection of jpeg images and hyperlinks.

And then there are the smaller things. Tchotchkes no one would dare purchase for more than a dollar, that carry a price much higher in my heart. Even though they are in my house, I am no longer the owner. The day before I leave, an urban mission thrift store is coming with a moving truck to collect the rest of my belongings. All I’ll have left are a few boxes, and the two duffel bags I can fit on the plane. I won’t even have my cats.

Sitting in my childhood home, I am a stranger. Things degrade or change so slowly, that each time I’ve returned in the seven years I’ve been gone, it’s like my eyes are playing tricks. A new flat screen here, a hole in the wall there – a slow acclamation of different things, until, I stand in my other home and don’t know what I’m looking at. I used to only visit for a day or two at a time, fearful that perhaps, any longer I would suffocate, or worse, become trapped. At first, I would clean out the garage or wash all the curtains, hoping my brief presence and small efforts would keep things the same. Now I stay longer, avoidant of tasks, aware of my obligations, but not knowing where to start.

While in this town, certainly, I barely leave the house, hoping no one sees me. I am only a visitor, after all. I sneak around, with meek footsteps, careful not to disturb the ghosts. People I once knew, perhaps, or have seen so many times, but I just can’t remember. Everyone looks the same in this town, yet, their faces change. Like my home, they develop slow cracks and tiny bloats over the years. I’m never sure who I’m looking at. They’re only a decoupage image that my brain struggled to create as it fills in the gaps of knowledge of the old and new.

Last night, I met up with Felicite (my Tallahassee friend, and future roommate in New York) and Mike (my ex-boyfriend, an unchanging personality from my past). We go out of our way to find a sad bar that serves pitchers for a few bucks and watch the old ghosts. They are happy and drunk, and sway their hips together to the live music cover band.

life moves fast

The past few months have been quite a struggle. I’ve been dealing with pesky medical issues and snags in my relationships, stress at my job and less than average performance with my personal goals. All the while, I’ve been trying to make a tough life decision.

I’ve been riding horses for nine months now. I’m finally getting up to a canter – a movement that scares me. It’s a different pace with a faster rhythm and makes me feel like I am no longer the one in control. The horse’s body bolts forward thrusting you back. Its breathing changes, the hooves pound loudly and quickly and your whole body sways, struggling to stay on. And when this happens, I desperately want to pull on the reins. I want so badly to pull back.

My trainer yells, “Let her go! Just let her go!” And I just let the horse go. And for a few seconds,  our bodies are moving in sync and beautifully fast and it’s simply exhilarating. I forget about the fear. I’m just cantering.

Like the natural rhythm of the canter, my life is trying to move forward, and I’ve been pulling on the reins for too long.

And it seems everything is falling into place and things feel right again. My life is moving forward. With monumental happiness, I’m ready to share my exciting news.

I’m moving to New York City! Ryan and I bought our one-way tickets. We depart January 15.

Letting this settle in feels completely right. My cheeks hurt, I was smiling so much today as I shared my news with my coworkers.

And my life is moving forward in other ways. I just bought my first DSLR camera, which takes fantastic photos (for the blog!), I’m learning photoshop, and my coding skills are slowly improving.

I have my first horse show this Saturday! I can’t wait. I’m only competing in a walk/trot, but still. It’s so much fun.

Christmas Lights

And I’m so ready for this holiday season. This week Ryan and I put up our Christmas lights.

Ryan with lights

And Watson wanted so badly to help.

Watson and Ryan

And this weekend, we ran in the Jingle Bell Run, which is my all-time favorite.

Jingle Bell

Everyone runs with a jingle bell on their shoe. I wore a light-up santa hat and a light up necklace.

Pre-Jingle Bell Run

And Adrienne joined us, to celebrate her one year running anniversary! I’m so proud of her.


I’ve got a lot of great crafts planned for this Holiday season. I can’t wait to start sharing them.

I’ll also be documenting how I plan to move to New York. Right now, I’m just concentrating on what (craft supplies) I’m taking with me. We’re getting rid of most everything, and basically only taking what can fit in our suit cases on the plane. It’s hard to part with stuff, but I’m excited for a fresh start.   I also got confirmation today that I’ll have a place to live when I get to NY. I’ll be staying with one of my best friends. And I found out I will be able to keep my job! Temporarily. They’re letting me work remotely for a few months. Now, all I have to do is find a stable.