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desiring: lampe berger

Lately, I have been obsessed with Lampe Berger items. Pleasant household scents are important, especially when you cook curry, have a cat, and don’t have a washing machine. I’m guilty of all three.  And I hear Lampe Berger isn’t as thick or syrupy scented as the air fresheners you can buy at a store. Candles are a nicer and cheaper option, but I only really light them in the winter. Also, my cat has been known to catch his tail on fire, poor thing (he’s fine).

Lampe Berger Picks
Speaking of kitties…

Amici de la Luna

Generous in red

Bingo in grey

Milk in white

What I’m most interested in is the scents. Anything in their Oriental Dreams collection seems dreamy and cozy. I’ve been eying the Winterwood scent the most. Also, these things have history. Lampe Berger patents began in 1897.