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cute ideas: no carve pumpkins

I went to a pumpkin patch yesterday, which means it’s officially fall. Perhaps a little too ecstatically, I dragged my boyfriend through rows of pumpkins until I found the right one. I’ve debated on whether or not I should carve it, since carving is messy and it might rot soon. While I decide, here are some lovely ideas for pumpkins if you don’t want to deal with the carving mess. Now that I’m a grown up, it’s time to have grown up seasonal decorations.

1. This one is covered in fashionable tissue paper. Tutorial via The Haute Mama Fashionista
2.  Batty Painted Pumpkins via Parents.com

3. Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven Pumpkin via Mrs. B

3. Martha makes magic again with her Toadstool Gourd and Pumpkin display. There’s also a tutorial.
4. These plaid pumpkins are adorable over at Better Homes and Gardens.

Also, here are some carved ones that look like they require a lot of work. But I couldn’t leave without showing you these cuties

Porcupines! Aren’t they perfect? There’s even a tutorial, but this one seems like you have to be a pumpkin carving pro to create these.

iced coffee recipe + links to love

editor’s note: This, being my first post, was originally titled “Shrinking Violet.”


I’m up to two cups of coffee in the morning these days. I live within walking distance from a Winn-dixie, so whenever I’m out of essentials (tp and coffee) I make a trip there (remember the one-mile walking rule: if it’s within a mile walk to it.) Here I’ve found a great bold coffee. There’s no other way to describe it, except it’s Winn-dixie’s gourmet generic brand, called Winn & Lovett Prestige Selection and the coffee is Italian Style Espresso. My only complaint is that it’s not made in whole bean (I prefer to grind my own coffee.) But ground coffee has it’s perks, specifically prep time. This makes a mean iced coffee, btw. This is how I do it:

– Take the normal amount of coffee you’d use per however many cups you’d like to prepare and double it.
-Brew as usual.
-There are two things you can do here: After it’s done brewing and still hot, you can add the cream & sugar, and pour it over ice. This is why you want it extra strong. The ice tends to melt and dilute the coffee.
-Or: Make the coffee a few hours in advanced (or overnight), mix the sugar & cream, and stick it in the fridge. Pour over ice, and the ice is left in tact. This is the best way. I’ve also placed a ziplock bag of ice in the coffee while it’s hot, it cools it pretty fast, and the ice melts in the bag. But I try not to heat up plastic, if I can help it, so use this one only in a crunch.

Make this coffee extra great by crushing ice in a blender/food processor. Why is crushed ice so much better? There has got to be science behind it.

I had some huge margaritas last night. While I’ve been known to make some pretty amazing ones, I forget exactly how powerful tequila can be. But tequila has always been my friend. No hangover.

Here are some things I’m in love with right now:
-Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Blog. Specifically the Cooking From the CSA category (hello spiced zucchini with pecans). The bf and I go to the farmers market every Saturday. Sadly, we’re not members of the CSA, but strongly considering it (members get farm fresh eggs!). While it’s great to eat local produce, it’s sort of tough to find things to cook with it. This blog is yummy and helpful. Zucchini is frequently available, so we eat a lot of it. And the boyfriend just bought a huge bag of pecans, so look out for the candied spice pecans recipe – coming soon.

-Speaking of cooking from the farmers market, last week we got a huge cabbage (appx. 8 pounds). I made sweet & sour cabbage this weekend. It was perfect, German inspired goodness. I fused some aspects from this and this recipe. Sadly, the cabbage wasn’t a red one. And I was all out of red wine vinegar (balsamic worked fine) and subbed brown sugar for white (what a recession, I’m all out of sugar!). This made a huge amount of food. There is probably four big servings left. Also, I still have about a quarter of a cabbage left. What to do with it? Certainly not waste it.

-My new favorite tumblr. It’s perfect.

-Did you know students with a .edu account can get free two day shipping on Amazon? Basically, it’s a free one-year trial of Prime.

-I bought this Vera Bradley bag (well luggage) this weekend. Should I return it? It seems impulsive. I’m not into Vera Bradley at all (actually, I find it hideous.) But I wanted a trendy bag for these weekend trips that the beau and I have planned (Savannah, GA, and Portland, OR coming up.) And I’ve borrowed a Vera Bradley bag from an old roomie, and they’re very sturdy and easy to clean. It was on sale ($45). But I bought it before my car broke down yesterday and was out a chunk of change.

Happy Sunday all.

image via foodista, with many thanks.
p.s. Sorry for the ugly layout. I’m working on getting a tolerable look.