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DIY magnetic spice rack

Christmas is a weird time for me and Ryan. We have yet to spend a Christmas together, so gift giving isn’t usually priority for us. Like, it’s March, and I still haven’t finished Ryan’s gift. I’m hoping this will be the month, though, because I can’t wait to show you.

This year, Ryan gave me the best gift – a magnetic spice rack. He’s been meaning to give me this gift on numerous occasions for about a year (he’s had it in his house the entire time!). And two and a half months later, I eventually set it up.

This magnetic spice rack is the best thing ever.

First, some background. I have this eyesore sitting in my kitchen.

circuit breaker

Seriously, who puts a circuit breaker in the middle of the kitchen? And then there was this  hell.


This is my over-crowded spice cabinet. I couldn’t reach or see anything. I’m on my tip-toes just trying to take this picture.

He used this instructable for creating the canisters. He bought the canisters from here and the magnets from here. These are the canisters. He glued some strong magnets to the back.

To make them pretty you will need fun stickers or labels. You can also use white labels and decorate them yourself.

My best friend gave me the crafty stickers. They’re the best. You’ll also need some fun colored markers.


If your label is too long you can cut it to fit the canister.

canister with long label

Press the label on the lid and run your fingernail along the edge to seal the sticker in. Then take a knife, follow along the edge and slice through the sticker.

cut with knife

cut label

Then gently pull up on the sticker.

pull up label

fitted label

This was the first one I did. With practice, I was able to get rid of the frayed edge look. You can also use your fingernail to push the frayed label into the seam of the lid.

spice with label

The canisters look great in my kitchen. You can decorate them so many ways.

spices with labels

Here’s the finished product. I’m so in love with it.

magnetic spice rack

Sorry the glare is so bad in my kitchen.

magnetic spice rack

Looking at this makes me so happy. <3