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succulents for the summer

After searching for quite some time, I recently obtained some cute succulents from our farmer’s market.


The one on the left is a haworthia plant.

The ones on the right are lithops, or living stones. They’re look like rocks and are smooth and firm, but they have roots.


Unfortunately, after leaving them outside to get some sun, the raccoons thought they’d use my plants as a snack. I really couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been a defender of raccoons, but those days are gone.

The raccoons uprooted all of my plants. I really hope these little guys make it. There are teeth marks all over the lithops.


You can see a chunk missing out of the furthers one in the back. And they pulled some of the haworthia from its roots. I’m hoping the plants make it through. Why do I get so sentimental over plant deaths?

I guess this is a good time to also confess that the flowers Ryan bought me are dying, through no fault of the raccoons.