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the weekender 1/20/2012

Happy Weekend, Folks. I’m just going to be honest and say that I’ve spent all of my free time this week watching Downton Abbey. I’m hooked and almost done with the first season.

Such  great costumes. Ok. On to the fun stuff.

How quirky is this DIY Hot Air Balloon Lantern? Perfect for the kid’s room or, you know, creative art hipster types.

A glue chart! I can’t be the only one who gets excited about these things. It tells you the appropriate type of glues to use on various surfaces. But when in doubt, Gorilla Glue for all.

These cushions made me swoon.

Maybe it’s influence from the obscene amount of Battlestar Galatica Ryan and I are watching, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I want this comet necklace.

How a single layer cake makes everything nicer speaks truths.


the weekender 6/17/2011

Have a bright and sunny weekend!


Hopefully it won’t get too hot. Links to keep you cool:

I love the idea of making your own chocolate chips. She flavors them with green tea and lavender.

If you’re traveling to a beach this weekend, collect some salt water and make your own sea salt. What a unique souvenir.

Loving this Father’s Day planter idea, mostly because it’s a dinosaur!

Everything about this loft is absolutely dreamy.

What are your thoughts on reverse French manicures? You can give yourself one with this tutorial.

I thought I was over the grey and yellow color combination until I saw them used in this vintage-inspired bridal shower party.

the weekender 4/8/2011

From Moon In Her Eyes

Happy Weekend! I just got an email inviting me to a midnight picnic. What a great idea. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Here are some links to get you through the Friday workday.

In fact, the just out of bed look doesn’t come from waking up in the morning, there’s a science and find out how to do sexy & tousled hair.

I love this skirt, and there’s a tutorial.

This cheap Easter craft is really brilliant.

Here’s a tutorial for a weekender bag. It looks highly useful and functional, but also pretty involved. Regardless, I want to make it.

Things to dream about: sexy and serene bedrooms.

Make something exciting this weekend: Potato Pizza with Rosemary and Brie or Hot Fudge Root Beer Cupcakes.

the weekender: new year’s eve dress edition


It’s already New Year’s Eve. Everything about it is so overwhelming.

2010 Recaps:
Graduating and officially starting my life
Being fortunate enough to find a job I love right out of college
Going to Portland with my best friend
Serving as editor of The Yeti and publishing its first issue in years
Starting a running club – one of the hardest things I’ve ever done
Being with my boyfriend, who makes me happy every day of my life
Starting this blog, which was terrifying

I’ll work on my 2011 goals in another post.

Until then here are some gorgeous dresses to drool over. I wish I was wearing these tonight (all @ Modcloth).

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Here are some cheaper, skimpier dresses from F21. They had a lot more New Year’s Glitz.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

the weekender 12/17/2010

Good Morning! Today is my last day of work for two weeks. Which is great, because I get to sleep in and work on my blog. But it’s two weeks without pay. The college shuts down at noon today, and we all walk over to the union for a great holiday feast with games and door prizes. I really appreciate when employers do things like that.

Yesterday I had my cake decorating class. I couldn’t even take pictures of the disaster, it was too depressing. We decorated cupcakes and worked on various flower and rose designs. Half-way through the class, my icing just started melting and separating. It’s like the water and the shortening just break apart. This has happened before (with non-Wilton icing) and it’s made a huge mess. Needless to say, my flowers lost all shape and just turned into a giant puddle of goo. I need to investigate what causes this. For some reason, I have a suspicion it might be the food dye. Thoughts? Also, the yellow cake turned out dry. We’re talking cornbread dry. You win some and you lose some.

Speaking of winsome, B Jones Style has a tutorial for a romantic, 20’s inspired hair updo.

A recipe for Red Velvet Fudge. Yes Please.

A d.i.y. project of a Big Fluffy Wreath made out of coffee filters. It’s so poofy I want to sit on it.

A great tutorial on how to make Cupcake Tree Ornaments. Yes, those aren’t real. They’re pretty decoration.

A beautiful winter shirt dress with tutorial over at Elle Apparel. I really want to try this one.

Reindeer made from wine corks and backyard findings. What a cute idea at Recyclart.

Have a great weekend everyone.



The Sundae Edition

Sorry for the blog neglect. I’ve started a running club on top of my regular exercise routine and it has left me exhausted. I’m doing some form of exercise almost every day of the week. It’s hell.

Also, I’m suffering from really wonky internet. I haven’t even been able to watch the series premier of Glee, which aired on Hulu this week. The repair man for my new service is here right now.

More diligent posts are in my future. Until then, here are some leftovers I’ve wanted to share with you, in place of the weekender that I missed.

Hipster Dinosaurs via Buzzfeed

Yes, I totally have that coloring book.

Fall isn’t quite here in Tallahassee, but it’s just around the corner. I’m ready for things like this:

Six Craft Projects to Try with Acorns via Re-Nest

and this

Halloween S’mores in a Jar via Tatertots and Jello (has recipe!)

Kendi from Kendi Everyday did a guest post on Make Under My Life as part of her Design Your Life series. Kendi shares her intentions for her life in an honest and inspirational way. Sure it sounds cheesy, but it has me thinking. What are my intentions for my life? And do I know who I am?