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managing your recipes using Gmail labels

Have you ever stumbled across a delicious recipe on the internet? Do you write it down? Say to yourself you’ll remember it for later? Bookmark it? I don’t have many brilliant moments, but managing my recipes using gmail is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.  Here’s how.

Create the label

Create a label in Gmail. If you’re using the new Gmail theme, go to Settings, then Labels to create a new label. I named my label “yum.” You can take this a step further and create addition labels for “savory,” “sweet,” “breakfast,” etc.

Whenever you come across a recipe you want to keep, email it to yourself and apply this label.

Search by ingredient or recipe

Once you’ve applied this label, it makes it really easy to search your recipes. If you have an ingredient you can search it and see what you can make with it. Make sure you search within the label by selecting the label. Your search box should look like mine.

It pulls up everything that uses corn. Here’s how I email myself the recipes, to ensure the best search results.

Tips on emailing it to yourself

If I’m not using a reader, I just copy and paste the text into the body of my email. I also include the source link so I can go back to the page and read the comments.

Using Google reader

Using Google Reader has really expedited the process. I subscribed to a bunch of tasty blogs. The reader client gives you the option to email the entire article to someone (or yourself). This is what the email looks like when sent from a reader.

It usually includes all images and has the link back to the source.

I know there are a lot of sites you can join with recipe boxes, but if you’re all over the internet looking at food blogs, this is a good way to keep all of your recipes in one place.

quick and easy kitchen upgrade

I seriously just upgraded my life in less than five minutes. Grab some nails and start pounding into your cabinets.

I don’t have a before picture, but this cupboard was a mess. Stacking pots is a science that I fail at.

And maybe this is a white person problem, but reaching for the pan lid that’s covered by other cookery in the back of your cabinet is not fun, especially while cooking.

Look at all of that space! There’s enough room for at least two more pots. Maybe it’s time to finally buy that Dutch oven. I’m pretty embarrassed that I didn’t do this sooner. My imagination has run wild with what I can do next: measuring cups, cake pans, spice jars?

Have you come across any simple kitchen upgrades lately?

pro tip: make sure the pots hanging on the door will fit and close before you start hammering away.