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Inspiring Looks: Julianne Moore

For date night last night the beau and I went to see The Kids Are All Right with Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, and Annette Bening. It’s an adorable film. I was most in love with Julianne Moore’s character’s style which consisted of baggy shirts with nicely fitting jeans. Sadly, the photos on the internet don’t do the look justice.

She is one of the few women who can pull off a tucked-in over sized t-shirt.

She makes it look like lounging around in jeans is actually comfortable. Time to throw away those sweats.

Such a hideous shirt turned lovely.

If it’s not apparent yet, Julianne Moore is my biggest on-screen crush.

Did you see Chloe? The trailer really ignores how sultry the film is.

Here’s one for the road from The Kids Are All Right. What a gorgeous cast.

brand new shoes

I was in spin class today and my feet were in immense pain. My entire body can handle the stress of extreme workouts, except my feet. It didn’t take me long to realize that I need better shoes.

Here’s the deal: I’ve never cared about exercising. I bought a cheap pair of Payless tennis shoes years ago and haven’t looked back. I’ve never owned a pair of exercise shoes that I didn’t get at Payless. And I was honest with myself and realized that an expensive shoe purchase for the purpose of exercising isn’t realistic, since I never worked out anyway.

However, things have changed, and now I’m working out almost every day. I put in six hours last week (success!).  My shoes couldn’t keep up.

I walked out of my spin class feeling completely pathetic. I was so angry I went straight to Kohl’s and bought a pair of running shoes.

I’m calling this a total impulse buy. Once I got there, I realized I didn’t know a single thing about sneakers. I ended up buying these:

The best part is I only paid $10. They were on sale, and I had a $40 Kohl’s Cash coupon. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

When I put on my Payless shoes, I realized they felt like ballet flats with shoestrings.

My friend mentioned that sneakers tend to wear out within a year with every day use. Is this true? If so, can anyone offer suggestions for purchasing a good pair.

While I was there, I ran across something that inspired me to search for these babies:

Sure, they’re pretty ugly (although, I would rock them). But the function and fun behind them are great. They’re Teva’s Open Tochi and the trail-lovin’ hippie inside me can’t wait to own a pair. They’re for trail and water. The absolute best.

I also really want a pair of these:

Do you think they’re ugly? I’m so very in love with them. They’re Vibram Five Finger’s Moc.

Unfortunately, my next big purchase will be a camera. As it so happens, my camera died the same day I decided to start a blog. That’s why there haven’t been any personal pictures here, but I have plenty of good ideas.

Here’s an example of a failed one: I tried to make my own underwear yesterday using leftover fabric. It wasn’t sexy, at all. I’ll try again this weekend and post a tutorial.

If you have any ideas for a decent priced, powerful camera please let me know.