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The 10 Best DIY Gift Ideas Just in Time for the Holidays

Have you ever attempted a handmade Christmas? A few years ago I committed to creating all of my Christmas and holiday gifts. I loved the thought and intention that went into every gift.

I know handmade gifts can be an intimidating, if not unwelcome, thing. But I’ve rounded up the best DIY gift ideas on the web. Trust me, your friends and family will love these!

The Ultimate Handmade DIY Gift Guide. Make Christmas and the holidays extra special for your loved ones with these DIY Gift Ideas.

from top left to right

  1. The Cutest Mini Face Planters from Sugar and Cloth
  2. Elegant Copper Candles from The Merrythought
  3. Leather and Brass Hanging Planter from Vintage Revivals
  4. Floral Bath Bombs from Emma Mag
  5. Minimalist Mountain Clock from Say Yes
  6. Iron-On Transfer Dolly Parton Bag from A Beautiful Mess (It’s perfect!)
  7. Deer String Art Decor from me
  8. Cheerful Hand Painted Mugs from A Pair and a Spare
  9. No-Sew Adventure Resolution Banner from Breathe Happiness
  10. Herbal Pre-Shave Beard Oil from The Merrythought

So, which is your favorite? I kinda want all of them!

If you need more ideas, be sure to check out my DIY and Crafts Pinterest board.

the weekender 10/15/10

via Epicute

Good Morning. I’ve had a great couple of weeks. How about you? This week there has been a lot of socializing, a lot of beer, a lot of decadent food, and a lot of cuddling with kittens and a good book.

I wanted to share some things that I have been adoring in the blogosphere.

Anastassia Elias has discovered a way to make left over toilet paper rolls into an artistic piece of decor. This is her Roulex line.

Anastassia Elias via Indie Fixx

Aren’t these lovely fiber optic lights?

via Apartment Therapy

Kiera over at A Pretty Penny did a D.I.Y. Natural Deodorant that seems pretty legit. I’ve tried quite a few handmade deodorants, but none of them seem to stick – literally. She might have figured it out with the coconut oil. She gave it a “platinum seal of approval.” I think I may try it.

via A Pretty Penny

If you’re like me and pretty much missed out on all of the important lessons of being a girl, Cubicle Chic’s d.i.y. manicure might help you out.

via Cubicle Chic

Do you like candy corn? I don’t. I think it’s disgusting, but there always seems to be a surplus of it around this time of year. Here’s an idea of what to do with that horrendous treat.

from Jamali Garden via The Coterie Blog

Also, where did candy corn get its name? It doesn’t really look or taste like corn.

DIY Infinity/Loop scarf

Let me just say I’m already in love with this project, and plan to make many more in the future. I used a tutorial that Amy did over at H is for Handmade. It was fast and easy and turned out great.


I used a sheer polyester fabric. This is Florida, I’m not desperate for warmth. I’ve been eying a similar scarf (floral and lightweight) over at Urban Outfitters. Hello, $28 (plus shipping.)


Here’s the breakdown:

Price (material and notions): $9, but since I was unclear about the pattern, I bought double the fabric. It turns out, there’s a trick to doubling the length without cutting it. Just fold it and measure out half the length (see tutorial). Long story short, I can make a second scarf and gift it. Who wants one?

Time: It took about an hour, that’s with both the serger and sewing machine messing up.

Likelihood of use: Moderate. I like that it can go into the fall or spring seasons.

desiring: etsy prints

I’ve been obsessed with prints lately. I’m considering taking a class, so I can make my own.

Ferris Wheel Linoleum Block Print via Nydam Press

I’ve recently had a desire to have a map or globe somewhere in my house. This might just be the right one.

Print World Map Medium Grey 8 x 10 via the big harumph

Another underwater animal print. This one is by far the most unique one I’ve seen.

Viperfish via the big harumph

This one would be a cute holiday decoration.

Reindeer Runs in the Wood via Chasing the Crayon

I’m such a sucker for tea art.

Teapots and Saucers via Virginia Kraljevic Illustrations

The best part, all of these are under $20. I love it.

There’s so much great stuff on etsy. I could spend years browsing through the site and creating wish list after wish list.