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hello, i’m here

watson and Riley

I took quite an extensive break from the blogging world. The primary cause for this absence was studying for the ultra-horrible GRE test. But now that I’ve knocked it in the face with my amazing test taking ability, I’m feeling a little bit better about spending my time blogging again.

Other reasons for blog absence:

– Florida’s sweltering heat, the type where I just lay in a bathtub filled with ice, because even the pool water is a warmish 85 degrees.
-Game of Thrones! Specifically the 4-book boxed set I’m blowing through.
– Mad Men on instant watch. Come on, who isn’t drooling over Peggy and Betty’s outfits a second time around?

Thank you, lovely readers, for sticking around.

Also, my blog turned one year old a week ago. Happy Birthday Blog!