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new year’s eve: resolution recap and next year’s commitment

My puppy

So, what a year. 2012 has been one of the most fun years of my life. I guess it’s pretty great to be 25.  I laughed a lot, exercised, and got lots of sun. It’s amazing how these three things can be a recipe for happiness.

2012 has also been one of the most challenging years of my life, mostly because of how difficult I found my “dream job” to be. In my personal life, Ryan and I are still growing into independent and driven individuals, which can create challenges. But with that, we are also becoming more supportive, loving, and understanding.

Since I’ve started his blog, I’ve taken an annual look back on my life each New Year. And it’s been pretty rewarding. Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day, that it’s hard to feel like I’ve ever accomplished anything. I’m so driven, once I complete a goal, I can only think of the 20 others on my list.  I hardly have a second of satisfaction and find it hard to appreciate the things I’ve done. Ryan is really great at reminding me these things when I feel like a complete failure. And I’m working on taking more frequent pauses to appreciate myself and my accomplishments throughout the year. Here are my 2012 resolutions, you can see how I did below.

this year

This year I:

  • Ran my first 10k and then a half marathon
  • Rode horses
  • Made $500 off of my first professional freelance gig (I built someone a legit website!)
  • Beefed up my web development, photography and photoshop skills
  • Lost weight (approx. 10-15 lbs)
  • Spent too much money
  • Bought my own domain and began hosting my own blog (thanks for reading, everyone!)
  • Made a pizza cat
  • Biked the St. Marks trail (a few times)
Next Year
Next Year I will:
  • Make a quilt
  • Do a pull up
  • Write more
  • Continue taking at least a photo a month with ryan
  • Open up a Roth IRA
  • Re-design my blog, it’s still using a default template (obviously)
  • Learn how to embroider
  • Open an etsy shop (or some equivalent)
  • Run another half marathon
So what about you? How was your 2012? What are your goals for 2013?

new year, new opportunities

Last night my friends and I discussed our 2011 and 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. I took a peak back to my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions to see how I did at reaching them.

On this day, last year I discussed how fearful I was of everything. I set a few resolutions that I thought would challenge me and put me outside of my comfort zone. Here’s the recap:

2011 Resolution Recap

– Take the GRE: Done. Rocked it.
-Complete a 5k: Done. Also, rocked it.
-Apply for jobs that I want: This was the hardest. I applied for jobs weekly and had a couple of interviews that didn’t go anywhere. I faced 12 months of rejection. It wasn’t until the last few days in December that I was finally offered an awesome job. The interview was grueling and I felt mostly under qualified for the position, but despite that, I was offered a project management position. This was significant for a lot of reasons. I’ve wanted to get out of the Communications field that I currently worked in.  It’s hard to find work and it’s saturated with qualified grads. And I love doing project management. This is a position in a growing market and my future career prospects (and paycheck) just skyrocketed.
-Cut down on plastic: This was another tough one. Except from using reusable bags, I think this one was a bust. It made me realize is that plastic is everywhere. I can’t buy anything without having some form of plastic attached to it: straws, clothing tags, all food packaging. This resolution caused a lot of awareness and stress. I’m not sure how to move forward from here. If you have any ideas for using less plastic, I’d love to hear them. Consume less is the only thing that comes to mind, which isn’t so bad.
-Meditate often: Well, I tried, but not very hard. I just couldn’t find the time. I guess that’s not very Zen. I did go to a Buddhist temple and work on finding a meditation group. I never went back though. See fear above.
-Make money doing something freelance: Yes. It wasn’t quite what I expected. But I got a paycheck. No, it wasn’t sex work.
-Learn to crochet: No. But I did take a knitting class and am working semi-diligently on a scarf I’ve never done before. I also have really enhanced my cross-stitching skills.  Crocheting will be on the horizon.
– Learn to do without: Certainly I’ve made a lot of progress toward this. I got rid of a lot of stuff this year. Cutting consumption is difficult when we live in a society that glorifies consumerism. I know things won’t make me happy and stuff is just future trash. I hope to cut even more this year.

2012 Resolution Time

-Blog more: I spent a lot of my free time this year studying for the GRE and applying for jobs. I’m hoping that I can spend more time blogging and be more honest in my blog.
-Run a 10k: The 10k is set for April. I have to double my longest distance in four months.
-Cook through a cookbook: I’m not sure which one yet. If the book is too thick, I might just make it a resolution to cook 50 items out of a cookbook or some variation of that.
-Meditate Often and be Zen about things. Also, worry less and don’t fear change or the future. 

I set fewer goals for 2012 because I’ll be spending most of my efforts on that last one. Pretty much, any given second, I’m worrying about something, fearing the future, or having anxiety anticipating some type of change. It’s no way to live, and I’d like to be free of these things.

Happy 2012 folks. What are your resolutions?