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quick christmas tree craft

It’s pretty amazing what you can do with some styrofoam glitter balls, a styrofoam cone, and some hot glue.

I saw these glitter balls at the craft store, and knew I wanted to do something with them. I wanted to make two, but they were kind of expensive. Also, it took a surprisingly long time to do all of the gluing, at least an episode and a half of The L Word. 

And I ran out of hot glue! How does that happen? So it got a little wonky at the top as I struggled to use Elmer’s glue to finish it up.

Things I want out of my my NYC neighbors and/or roommate: to at least own a hot glue gun.

Still, it is a nice addition to my holiday corner.

DIY glitter pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

I can’t help myself when it comes to glitter, especially around Halloween. This was such a fun D.I.Y. I invited a few friends over and we made a party out of it. It only takes an hour or two. Most of the time is just waiting for paint to dry, so we spent it eating pizza and catching up.

This project was inspired by the glitter pumpkins on Tatertots & Jello.

You’ll need foam pumpkins, acrylic paint or primer, foam brushes, glitter spray paint, and a drop cloth.

I used Krylon’s Glitter Blast Spray Paint. This stuff is amazing. We did three colors: Starry Night, Bronze Blaze, and Orange Burst. Unlike my glitter Christmas trees, which threw glitter everywhere, this glitter stays put. It doesn’t end up all over the house. It sticks right on the pumpkins.

Here’s how you make these pumpkins. First, paint on a base coat. We tried a couple of different options: Martha Stewart’s primer paint, white acrylic paint, and colored acrylic paint. The colored acrylic paint worked best. You can use a white primer (pictured below), but the pumpkins primed with black, brown, and orange paint turned out the best. If  you don’t use a colored base coat, you’ll end up using a lot of spray paint (and that stuff is expensive).

We did two coats of primer. Let it dry for a ten or fifteen minutes between coats.

One the coats are dry, get to spraying.

Hold the spray paint about twelve inches away. Coat it completely and evenly with the first coat and wait another ten or fifteen minutes before you apply the second coat. Like I mentioned before, if you use a white base, you’ll need multiple coats. If you use a colored base, you’ll only really need two coats of spray paint. Let them sit overnight to dry completely.

Here’s the finished result. I went a little overboard with the photos. They’re just so pretty. You bet I’m keeping these up through Thanksgiving.

Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

Here’s the whole family. We did a few different sized pumpkins.

This was so much fun. I love looking at them in my house.

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Christmas Craft – DIY Glitter Christmas Trees

Want to know the truth? Despite how cool I pretend to be, I go bonkers when I see glitter. I love the stuff and would really like to decorate everything with it. Luckily, with the help of massive self-restraint, I keep my glitter projects down to once a year.

Here’s a simple Christmas craft that takes no time at all. It also costs less than $15.


You will need:
Cone Shaped Styrofoam
Adhesive Spray

This is a really easy project. First, lay down newspaper or something. We used a Gap bag. You won’t be sorry. Then, take your cone and completely cover it in the adhesive spray. Next, quickly pour the glitter over the entire cone, except for the base.


You can also try rolling it in the recaptured glitter that fell off of the cone.


After the cone is completely covered, spray it again with the glue and  set it aside to dry. Once it’s dry, you can try the spray glue and glitter pour again to make sure you’ve got the entire cone covered in glitter.  Finish it with a final glue spray and let dry.


I’ve seen these cones stacked on candle holders to give them a more tree-like base. You can also try to decorate your tree or put a star on top, but I like the simple glitter look.


We sort of ran out of glitter on the green one.

Crafter Caveat:

-This craft works best with two people. I attempted the first one by myself, and it was a lot harder.
-When you’re using spray glue, keep in mind where you’re spraying it at. We sprayed glue over the same area we put on the glitter and weren’t able to salvage the leftover glitter because it glued itself to the bag.
-Prepare yourself for the worst case of glitter fingers.

Happy Crafting!