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the weekender 3/29/2013

(d.i.y. french easter eggs)

It’s Friday again! Since I’ve started my new job, weekends are, once again, something wonderful to look forward to. I have two birthday parties to attend this weekend. March is such a birthday month (mine!). But let’s talk about the more important events of this holiday. Ok, so there’s Easter, but, sadly, I’m skipping it this year. Just like I skipped our anniversary, valentine’s day, and my birthday, I guess moving is really taking it’s toll on personal celebrations.

But you bet I’m not skipping the Game of Thones Season 3 premier! (Bonus! It’s a combo birthday party/GOT viewing. I have the coolest friends.) How about you? What are you doing to celebrate Easter and/or GOT? Well, whatever you’re doing, here are my weekly recommended links.

How pretty are these ombre tights?

15 bread-less sandwiches for some great gluten-free inspiration.

So many parties, so many opportunities for cake toppers (to buy or d.i.y.).

Banana nutella rolls and loaded twice-baked cauliflower from my new favorite food blogger.

A pretty peacock feather cat toy d.i.y. My cats would go nuts for this.

I’ll have to try this homemade cake release spray. After all, it comes recommended from one of my favorite bakers.

Happy Good Friday and Easter everyone.

p.s. last year’s roundup and more Easter ideas.

nerdy Valentine’s Day cards for your special someone

Please excuse me while I nerd out and share my favorite Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards with you.Game of Thrones Nerdy Valentine's day cards

(Chris Bishop via buzzfeed)

Let’s be real. I could end this post right here. Because, well, any guy who gives me a Tyrion or John Snow valentine would be the best. ♥

But while Game of Thrones does take up the biggest spot in my nerd-girl heart (maybe because the books are so damn long?!), there are tons of other nerdtastic v-day cards.

cylon Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

cylon Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Battlestar Galatica Valentine’s Day Cards

When Ryan and I went through our BSG affair, we would frequently ask each other, “would you still love me if I were a cylon?” Finding out your partner is a cylon must be the ultimate test of love, right?

And this card. Oh gosh, my heart would swell if anyone gave me this card.

Legend of Zelda Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Legend of Zelda Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Legend of Zelda Card

We have such adventurous spirits, that this could pretty much sum up our relationship.

 But, I feel like this card might be more up his alley, as far as romance goes.

Princess Leia Star Wars nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Princess Leia Letterpress Card

Or this card.

Spock Star Trek Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

 Spock Card (and so many more Star Trek cards)

I would love to give this card to my friend Michael, who introduced me to table top RPGs.

Natural 20 Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

Natural 20 Card

 And these to all of my friends who adore Firefly.

 Firefly Valentine's Day Card

Firefly Valentine’s Day Cards

And if you just can’t decide which nerdy card would be best, this one pretty much covers them all.

Awkward Affections

Awkward Affections Card

But I think this one might be my favorite one of all.

Carl Sagan e-Card download

I’m always fond of when Carl Sagan is portrayed as a romantic figure. And also, his love story might be my favorite love story of all.

samoas bars and the weekend

This weekend sloth truly overtook me. I spent most of my time watching this,

reading this,


snuggling him,


and cuddling her.


Somehow, I managed to bake something, but forgot to snap a photo (update, photo added). You’re going to like this one. Are you ready for it?


Samoas Bars

Yes, everyone’s favorite girl scout cookie turned into a bar treat. Recipe adapted from here (she took step-by-step pictures).

Yields 20, total time 60 min.

-1/2 cup sugar
-3/4 cup softened butter
– 1 egg
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 2 cups all-purpose flour
-3 cups shredded coconut
– One 16 oz. jar of  Caramel Sauce (I used Hershey’s, or make your own)
– 6 oz. chocolate chips (plus a bit of olive oil)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9 x 13 inch pan.

The Crust First:
1. In a mixer, blend together sugar and butter until well-combined and fluffy.
2. Add egg and vanilla, blend on medium
3. Switch your mixer to low and slowly add in flour, a bit at a time, until it is all combined. The mixture will be really thick, kind of like a dry cookie dough.
4. Pour the dough into greased baking dish. Since it’s thick, it’s hard to spread. You’ll have to use a spatula to get it to cover the entire dish.
5. Bake for 20 minutes.

Toast the Coconut:
Once your crust is done, let it cool and start toasting coconut.  Here’s how I did it.
1. Start by bringing the oven temperature down to 300 degrees.
2. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper
3. Pour three cups of coconut flakes onto the sheet.
4. Place in oven for fifteen minutes. Remove from oven every five minutes to stir around the coconut.

You want the coconut to be nice and golden, not too brown. Once you take it out of the oven, give it a good stir. It will still toast a bit on the sheet. Depending on your oven or the placement of the baking sheet, these will brown quicker or slower than the 15 minutes it took me. Just keep an eye on it.

Melt the chocolate:
1. You can melt the chocolate any way you please: chocolate melter, double boiler, or microwave. I melted mine directly on the stove top at low heat. Add a tiny bit of olive oil, less than a teaspoon, to help it melt and mix well.
2. Once melted, transfer the chocolate into a pastry bag or a ziplock bag to help with the drizzling.

Put it together:
1. The first thing you’re going to want to do is mix the coconut with the jar of caramel sauce in a large bowl.
2. Pour the caramel coconut mixture on top of the crust.
3. Cut the tip of the chocolate pastry bag and drizzle.

This was a hit. I hope you enjoy.

hello, i’m here

watson and Riley

I took quite an extensive break from the blogging world. The primary cause for this absence was studying for the ultra-horrible GRE test. But now that I’ve knocked it in the face with my amazing test taking ability, I’m feeling a little bit better about spending my time blogging again.

Other reasons for blog absence:

– Florida’s sweltering heat, the type where I just lay in a bathtub filled with ice, because even the pool water is a warmish 85 degrees.
-Game of Thrones! Specifically the 4-book boxed set I’m blowing through.
– Mad Men on instant watch. Come on, who isn’t drooling over Peggy and Betty’s outfits a second time around?

Thank you, lovely readers, for sticking around.

Also, my blog turned one year old a week ago. Happy Birthday Blog!