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havana, this weekend

Lately, I’ve been quick to indulge in my last few weeks of southern culture, so I asked Ryan if we could stop at the Tomato Cafe and Tea Room, a wonderful soup and sandwich place in Havana, Fla. They serve a traditional afternoon tea and have a tomato-filled menu.

Ryan and I both had their signature tomato pie, which is piled with creamy cheeses and tons of tomatoes.

Havana is a small town 30 minutes outside of Tallahassee that has a charming downtown district with lots of antique and handmade shops. When we entered downtown, I remembered that it was their holiday festival – complete with Tractor and Riding Lawnmower Parade and hillbilly Santa (I wasn’t able to snap a photo!).

We were eating when the parade was going on, but I did manage to snap a photo of one of the riding lawnmowers.

Ryan and I walked around, holding hands, and perusing through shops as I snapped a few photos. It turned into a really sweet and impromptu date.

Waterworks Sign

I love painted brick so much.


Produce at the open air market.

antique cars

Antique Cars

Havana has an old feel to it.

Tomato Cafe

Tomatoes outside of the Tomato Cafe and Tea Room.


So much pretty at one of the vintage shops.

handmade critters

These cute little handmades had such personality, I had to snap a photo.

Oh, and how funny is this? But one of the biggest draws to this celebration, besides the tractor parade, of course, is the snow.

Snow in Havana

There was a snow machine. You can see the line toward the back of the picture. It’s a big deal. There weren’t any snow machines when I was a kid. I’m moving to NY in a few weeks from Florida. It was downright hot on Saturday as we were walking around. I’ve only seen snow once or twice in my life, and I’ve certainly never been in a snowfall. It’s going to be quite an interesting transition, to say the least.

Natural Design – Mushrooms & Torreya State Park

Life is just so hectic sometimes. How is it almost 9 o’clock? I’ve sat down on my couch for the first time today. It makes you wish for a place to relax. A place like this:


That was the view about twenty feet from my campsite. Some friends and I went to Torreya State Park for a birthday celebration hike. Oh yes, I hiked that. Well, some of it. It was quite intense. However, before the heavy, labored breathing kicked in, I did get some great snapshots of natural beauty. Since this blog focuses a little on design, I think it’s time to give Mother Nature some credit.


I really can’t offer any help in stating what type of mushroom this is. My gut told me oyster, and my stomach wanted to agree, but my brain was too frightened.

TurkeyTail Mushrooms

I think these are turkey mushrooms.


They look so tasty (but please don’t eat wild mushrooms)…

Mushroomsand so pretty.

Mushrooms are just like humans; they like to sunbathe too.

MushroomsThis little guy was my favorite. It was velvety and looked like it should be soft and squishy, but then it was very solid. It looks like something that belongs under the sea, right?