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Quick Stocking Organization

I’ve put off posting this particular bit of information because, well, I couldn’t tell if it actually fit in my blog. I kept going back wondering if this was weird or useful. I don’t know why I had such anxiety about posting a way to store stockings and pantyhose, but here I am, a full year after I’ve taken the photos and implemented this organizational strategy.

And you know, what? It’s really great! Because today I’m talking about organization and ice cream (well, gelato). It’s a win-win.

Earlier this month, I removed my winter gear from where it was hiding under the bed and in the closets. This process included completing the frustrating task of untangling my winter hosiery and checking for holes and buying replacements. Last winter was rough and the holes were victorious.

Stocking Organization

Normally, at this point, I just stuff the tights in my sock drawer and deal with them tangling and catching on each other. But now I’ve started storing them in empty Talenti gelato jars and it has been wonderful.

First, I get to eat some amazing gelato. I love that stuff. Second, I can sort the jars by color. I like to stick the blacks in one jar and the pinks/nudes in another. Then have a rainbow jar. You can write the name of the color on top of the jar and you know exactly where your tights are.

Stocking Organization

If you roll the tights up, a single jar can usually fit four pairs of lighter tights or three pairs of thicker tights.

So what do you think? Do you think you’d give this a try? Would you decorate your jar? I’ve been tempted, but haven’t gotten around to it. It seems like a fun way to use some jewel stones and brighten up your sock drawer.

the weekender: new year’s eve dress edition


It’s already New Year’s Eve. Everything about it is so overwhelming.

2010 Recaps:
Graduating and officially starting my life
Being fortunate enough to find a job I love right out of college
Going to Portland with my best friend
Serving as editor of The Yeti and publishing its first issue in years
Starting a running club – one of the hardest things I’ve ever done
Being with my boyfriend, who makes me happy every day of my life
Starting this blog, which was terrifying

I’ll work on my 2011 goals in another post.

Until then here are some gorgeous dresses to drool over. I wish I was wearing these tonight (all @ Modcloth).

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Here are some cheaper, skimpier dresses from F21. They had a lot more New Year’s Glitz.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

DIY Infinity/Loop scarf

Let me just say I’m already in love with this project, and plan to make many more in the future. I used a tutorial that Amy did over at H is for Handmade. It was fast and easy and turned out great.


I used a sheer polyester fabric. This is Florida, I’m not desperate for warmth. I’ve been eying a similar scarf (floral and lightweight) over at Urban Outfitters. Hello, $28 (plus shipping.)


Here’s the breakdown:

Price (material and notions): $9, but since I was unclear about the pattern, I bought double the fabric. It turns out, there’s a trick to doubling the length without cutting it. Just fold it and measure out half the length (see tutorial). Long story short, I can make a second scarf and gift it. Who wants one?

Time: It took about an hour, that’s with both the serger and sewing machine messing up.

Likelihood of use: Moderate. I like that it can go into the fall or spring seasons.

screens: birthday skull

My friend made a screen.

Skulls aren’t really my thing but the birthday hat is sort of cheery. I’ve never done a screen, they seem difficult. I mean, what do you do with this?

He can do them in any color. If you’d like one you can send him an email at charcoalradio (at) gmail.com [boo spam]. He’s starting a blog soon with the same domain. I’ll keep you posted.

Inspiring Looks: Julianne Moore

For date night last night the beau and I went to see The Kids Are All Right with Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, and Annette Bening. It’s an adorable film. I was most in love with Julianne Moore’s character’s style which consisted of baggy shirts with nicely fitting jeans. Sadly, the photos on the internet don’t do the look justice.

She is one of the few women who can pull off a tucked-in over sized t-shirt.

She makes it look like lounging around in jeans is actually comfortable. Time to throw away those sweats.

Such a hideous shirt turned lovely.

If it’s not apparent yet, Julianne Moore is my biggest on-screen crush.

Did you see Chloe? The trailer really ignores how sultry the film is.

Here’s one for the road from The Kids Are All Right. What a gorgeous cast.