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Quick Fall Craft: DIY Ribbon Pumpkin

A few weeks ago, the weather gave us the shyest hint that fall was coming and immediately I became more cheerful and optimistic. Fall always makes me feel hopeful and relaxed, like I want to take things easier, slow down, and just savor the season.

Naturally, at the first sign of browning leaves, I went straight to the craft store to stock up on my fall-themed craft supplies. Of course, I go straight for the most colorful aisle in the store – the ribbon section. I’m frequently attracted to ribbons, but can never figure out how to craft with them in a way that doesn’t look tacky. I thought I’d try my luck at shaping the wired ribbon into a pumpkin, using a particularly shimmery one to add to my collection of glitter pumpkins (my favorite!).  Plus, using a glittered ribbon seemed like a safe way to incorporate glitter into my décor without getting it everywhere.


Lately, my busy days are making it hard for me to sit down and really enjoy a day of full crafting, so I have to supplement with smaller things I can do during a one-hour TV session. This craft took maybe 10 minutes from start to finish.


  • Sheer, wired-edge, 1- or 2-inch ribbon, like this or this (non-sheer)
  • Clear tape (not necessary, but makes it easier)
  • Craft/jewelry wire or a twist-tie
  • Cinnamon stick

Cut four equal sized strips from the ribbon, mine were about 14 inches. You’ll want to leave an additional 1 – 2 inches on the ends to wrap them. The longer the ribbon, the bigger the pumpkin. I recommend keeping them small, since the ribbon isn’t the sturdiest.


I used a “template pumpkin” to get a good size.


Take the first two ribbons and cross them right at the middle. Temporarily tape them down to hold in place.


Add the third ribbon, diagonally intersecting the other two. Then add the fifth ribbon, crossing diagonally the other way across the existing ribbons. Secure with tape.


This part is a little tricky. Slowly start twisting the open ends of the ribbon together, until they’re all bunched and have closed the top.


Secure by wrapping a wire around the ends.


Sometimes the ribbons get pushed around in the process, but simply puff them out and help mold them into a pumpkin shape. Remove the tape (I forgot when I was photographing). As long as the pumpkin isn’t moved around too much, it should keep its shape just fine. Then add a cinnamon stick for a stem!


You can pick up a few different colors of ribbon to have an entire ribbon pumpkin patch!

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fall garland tutorials

I’m sensing a theme. I find myself unusually pining after banners, buntings and other garland type things. Maybe I’m channeling my cats, because these are the type of decorations my cats would go crazy over.

It seems like bunting would be a fast and fun decoration to make. I’ve been eying these two tutorials:

Acorn Garland using fabric scraps at Sweetie Pie Bakery.

And the Fall Leaf Garland from A Beautiful Mess

What do you think about these quick and easy crafts?

forcing the season: pumpkin chiffon cake

It’s not Fall yet in Tallahassee. We’re still wearing white and flip flops. But we hope if we drink enough pumpkin beer and light enough pumpkin scented candles and eat enough pumpkin foods, Fall will come any day now.

So, enter the pumpkin chiffon cake – the first autumnal food of the wannabe season.

pumpkin chiffon cakeThis one comes from Rachel Ray Magazine (recipe link).

I had all of the ingredients in my house (bonus!), including pumpkin, which I hoarded from the great canned pumpkin shortage of 2010.


Sorry if you had a hard time finding pumpkin last year. I could have been at fault. I grabbed the last 5 cans at Target and didn’t look back. Then I generously gave them out to my friends. “Oh, you couldn’t find any pumpkin? I have pumpkin, but you see…My car could really use a wash…”

The hardest part of this recipe was whipping the egg whites.

egg whitesMy biggest first-world problem is that I don’t have a stand mixer. This electric hand mixer and I have been through some really though (read: emotional, angry, martial) times. And although I would drop it in a second for a stand mixer, I believe this hand mixer and I were meant to be together – mostly because I’ll never be able to afford the alternative.

So when a recipe says whip the egg whites for ten or fifteen minutes (a.k.a. eternity on a hand mixer), I just don’t. I whipped it for a few minutes before my arm fell off.

pouring mix

So the cake didn’t rise. Oh well, it doesn’t affect the taste one bit. I think I made a rookie mistake of not whipping the egg whites enough. My hands got too tired!


It was a tasty cake, say my friends. I didn’t have any since I don’t like pumpkin flavored things. That probably makes my pumpkin hoarding story even more ridiculous.

The Sundae Edition

Sorry for the blog neglect. I’ve started a running club on top of my regular exercise routine and it has left me exhausted. I’m doing some form of exercise almost every day of the week. It’s hell.

Also, I’m suffering from really wonky internet. I haven’t even been able to watch the series premier of Glee, which aired on Hulu this week. The repair man for my new service is here right now.

More diligent posts are in my future. Until then, here are some leftovers I’ve wanted to share with you, in place of the weekender that I missed.

Hipster Dinosaurs via Buzzfeed

Yes, I totally have that coloring book.

Fall isn’t quite here in Tallahassee, but it’s just around the corner. I’m ready for things like this:

Six Craft Projects to Try with Acorns via Re-Nest

and this

Halloween S’mores in a Jar via Tatertots and Jello (has recipe!)

Kendi from Kendi Everyday did a guest post on Make Under My Life as part of her Design Your Life series. Kendi shares her intentions for her life in an honest and inspirational way. Sure it sounds cheesy, but it has me thinking. What are my intentions for my life? And do I know who I am?