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halloween cat costumes!

In short, these Halloween cat costumes are the best. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I became when I saw them.

Witch Hat Cat Halloween Costume

Witch Hat Cat Costume

I tried to show them to my cats, but they ran in fear.

Wizard Cat Costume

Wizard Hat Cat Costume

These are all hand made by Etsy Shop Owner I Heart Needlework. She custom makes them to fit your cat’s head. She also makes costumes for dogs and guinea pigs. How cute is that?

Pilgrim Hat Cat Costume

Cat Pilgrim Costume

I love the Thanksgiving ones, which would be perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’m all about re-using costumes.

Turkey Cat Halloween Costume

Turkey Cat Halloween Costume

Oh, and how great is her cat? What a perfect model.  We bought our cats a dinosaur costume. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well.

p.s. This cat mermaid costume is my favorite.

currently loving: laura amiss textile design

I just can’t get enough of these textile designs on canvas from Laura Amiss. She’s a textile artist living in Amsterdam.

I love what she does with fabrics.

city living – stitched city scape canvas print

My favorite. I could stare at this one all day.

I was different

She also does prints.



And she does rad sewn portraits. Be sure to check out her etsy shop or view more of her work.

ah, wanderlust: dreamy vintage luggage

Sigh. Doesn’t this luggage from GetReadySetGo make you dream of vacationing at some great places?

Like taking a safari…

Upcycled Vintage Train Case

These messenger bags make me want to travel to Italy, or anywhere in Europe, really.

Vintage Dijon Mustard Yellow Messenger Bag

Upcycled Brown Vintage Messenger Bag’

I would love to take this on a fun seafaring adventure.

Upcycled Forest Green Train Case Luggage

Or maybe just take a trip to grandmother’s house. It may be boring, but at least you’ll have some attractive luggage.

Vintage Cream Suitcase Set

The owner of the shop has a blog you might want to check out.

celebrate pillows!

I strongly believe there are two types of people in this world: those whose lives would be adversely affected if pillows didn’t exist and those whose lives wouldn’t. If pillows disappeared today, you can bet I’d be in a perpetual state of crankiness. I’m a pro lounger. I like to lay on things, especially pillows, or drape them over me in a “I’m going to hide from my problems” type of way. I like to nap on my couch with a pillow on every side.

My boyfriend is the other type of person. Beware of these people – the pillow haters (and by extension life haters, puppy haters, and cupcake haters). He thinks they’re extraneous fluff in life.

Today is the day to celebrate the pretty pillows in your life, or at least the ones you wish were in your life. Appreciate the things that make your day comfy, relaxing, and soft.

Go team pillows!

My bestie pointed this one out.

Turquoise Dandelion Pillow by MaDahms

It seems like owl pillows are everywhere.

Owl Pillow by Pink Bunny Patterns

I’m a sucker for anything under the sea.

Burlap French Whale Pillow by Sam

Coffee is my favorite thing, so it makes sense to have it in pillow form.

Brazilian Coffee Bag Pillow by Habitation Inc

This pillow is breathtaking. I love the fabric and the colors are great. Plus, love geography.

Map of the Earth by Vintage Jamie

More under the sea gems. This one is made with hand felted Australian Merino wool.

Screen Printed Squid by Olof’s Daughters

Have a tea party on pillows?

Leivos by poimiakukkia

How do you like your pillows, er, eggs?

Sunny Side Up Pillow by diffraction fiber

I feel very silly today.

Which type of person are you? A pillow lover or hater?

dino love jewlery

It’s no surprise that I love dinosaurs. I have a tattoo of an apatosaurus on my calf. But really, I’d like to take it up a notch and deck my body out in dinosaur bling.

like these over at verameat:

dino love bone – the description says “worn by Miranda July.” I knew I loved her/this necklace/both.

For the water-loving vegetarian:

Elasamasaurus Lochness

And for the hungry carnivore:

dino love

Oh, but woe is me, what a hefty price tag. Hello, etsy [warning, i may have gone a little overboard.]

natural history dinosaur earrings

t-rex skull pendant necklace

triceratops hair pins

darling dinosaur necklace

triceratops brooch [what a great brooch!]

vintage t-rex necklace

gold apatosaurus

As you can see, I’m quite the enthusiast. What do you think? Are the etsy finds a similar cheaper alternative? What ones would you wear?

Also, verameat has quite the selection of monster, vampire, and animal jewelry, and it’s all magnificently done.