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the weekender 4/18/2014

Happy Good Friday and Easter Weekend! We’re in our (hopefully) last weekend of moving into the new apartment. We’re slowly getting settled, most notably because this morning we got internet! The new apartment has great lighting and white walls, which I’m thrilled about. In case you haven’t caught my complaining, my last apartment had pink and green walls. I could never get my photos right. Colored walls are a curse for me. The new apartment originally had orange walls, but I told the landlord I couldn’t move in until it was painted over. This is actually the second apartment I’ve lived in with orange walls, which makes me think they must give that color away for free at the paint store.

Red Thread Sock Easter Bunny

Since we’ll still be moving this weekend, our Easter festivities will be kept at a minimum. But here are a few Easter-themed links for your weekend.

I just love the egg shell candle trend, and these lavender ones are beautiful.

And more ways to display tea lights, hang them in whisks.

I adore these bunny softies (pictured above). They’d be a perfect for an Easter basket.

You could do so many variations on these stenciled hand towels.

Easter egg terrariums for your Easter fete.

Serve some springtime lemon petite fours at your Easter brunch.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone.

the weekender 4/11/2014

Cake Pops

Happy spring weekend! The weather is beautiful in NYC and it seems like everyone is in high spirits – even the cats! This weekend, Ryan and I will be moving into our first apartment together. It’s such a big step! But I’m excited. We’re also trying to squeeze in a trip to a small town upstate. Talk about ambitious. What about you? Do you have anything fun planned?

These roses are actually cake pops! (pictured above)

Speaking of settling into a new apartment, I would just love to have a giant chalkboard wall.

How fun is this doughnut clock? It probably wouldn’t last long in my house.

This beautiful fire pit used to be a washing machine!

Upgrade your cheesecakes.

And while we’re on the subject of delicious, these indoor s’mores look incredible.

This dyed eggshell tea light centerpiece would be perfect for Easter dinner.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. It might be a bit quiet around here as we move and settle into the new place, but I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress. In the meantime, you can always follow me on Pinterest to get more ideas like these.

Beyond the Dye – Easter Eggs 5 Ways

Every year Easter comes around, I’m always inspired by the many beautiful and unique egg designs around the web.I don’t normally decorate eggs for Easter, because what am I going to do with a dozen hard-boiled eggs? Still, there are some great techniques that surpass the traditional dye cup. Here are five Easter Egg dying ideas you can do yourself and not all of them are made with real eggs.

Easter Eggs

1. Tattooed | 2. Marbled | 3. Wooden | 4. Nail Polish Marbling | 5. Hand Painted

I’ve also always wanted to try traditional batik dying, but it seems pretty involved. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

the weekender 3/29/2013

(d.i.y. french easter eggs)

It’s Friday again! Since I’ve started my new job, weekends are, once again, something wonderful to look forward to. I have two birthday parties to attend this weekend. March is such a birthday month (mine!). But let’s talk about the more important events of this holiday. Ok, so there’s Easter, but, sadly, I’m skipping it this year. Just like I skipped our anniversary, valentine’s day, and my birthday, I guess moving is really taking it’s toll on personal celebrations.

But you bet I’m not skipping the Game of Thones Season 3 premier! (Bonus! It’s a combo birthday party/GOT viewing. I have the coolest friends.) How about you? What are you doing to celebrate Easter and/or GOT? Well, whatever you’re doing, here are my weekly recommended links.

How pretty are these ombre tights?

15 bread-less sandwiches for some great gluten-free inspiration.

So many parties, so many opportunities for cake toppers (to buy or d.i.y.).

Banana nutella rolls and loaded twice-baked cauliflower from my new favorite food blogger.

A pretty peacock feather cat toy d.i.y. My cats would go nuts for this.

I’ll have to try this homemade cake release spray. After all, it comes recommended from one of my favorite bakers.

Happy Good Friday and Easter everyone.

p.s. last year’s roundup and more Easter ideas.

easter cupcakes

Hi, I’m back. Things have been more stressful than I care to deal with lately. We’re putting on a huge event at work, with more than 600 people, and I’ve been scrambling around  dealing with caterers, publicity and the like. Part of my job is to solicit donations. My goal is $2,000, right now I’m at about $800 and only have a week left. Because of budget cuts, my job position is getting the boot in the next few months, and I’m working really hard to prove I’m a valuable employee who can put on a rocking party. Oh, I’m an event planner, if you didn’t catch that part. I’ve also been spending all of my free time applying to jobs, since I’m pretty sure an event planner is one of the first things to go when budgets are cut.

Last week was a tough one, and I’m afraid it is only going to get harder until I: 1. Get laid off, 2. Find another Job, or 3. Get promoted (it’s a possibility, it’s just looking very bleak.)

So, I created these this weekend to cheer me up.

Springtime Cupcakes! I love how charming these Easter cupcakes are.

Hello, darling!

I got to use my arsenal of frosting tips. This was my first time making these particular designs. This one turned out ok.

These looked a little funky.

This one may have been my favorite.

Easter eggs in the grass cupcake.

The hat cupcakes were a big hit. Sadly, I didn’t get a good picture of them. This is the worst looking one with a broken brim and melty buttercream. They were a blast and easy to make. I found the instructions at My Cake School Blog.

Then I made these, which I thought looked really Dr. Seuss-like.

These cupcakes are so vibrant and cheerful. How can they not cheer you up? I spent the rest of the week pushing them on my friends, neighbors, strangers…you know, my usual routine, so I won’t have a house full of cupcakes.

How To: Easter Cupcake Frosting

You’ll also need peeps and jelly beans to really add to the Easter Cheer.