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Beyond the Dye – Easter Eggs 5 Ways

Every year Easter comes around, I’m always inspired by the many beautiful and unique egg designs around the web.I don’t normally decorate eggs for Easter, because what am I going to do with a dozen hard-boiled eggs? Still, there are some great techniques that surpass the traditional dye cup. Here are five Easter Egg dying ideas you can do yourself and not all of them are made with real eggs.

Easter Eggs

1. Tattooed | 2. Marbled | 3. Wooden | 4. Nail Polish Marbling | 5. Hand Painted

I’ve also always wanted to try traditional batik dying, but it seems pretty involved. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

the weekender 3/29/2013

(d.i.y. french easter eggs)

It’s Friday again! Since I’ve started my new job, weekends are, once again, something wonderful to look forward to. I have two birthday parties to attend this weekend. March is such a birthday month (mine!). But let’s talk about the more important events of this holiday. Ok, so there’s Easter, but, sadly, I’m skipping it this year. Just like I skipped our anniversary, valentine’s day, and my birthday, I guess moving is really taking it’s toll on personal celebrations.

But you bet I’m not skipping the Game of Thones Season 3 premier! (Bonus! It’s a combo birthday party/GOT viewing. I have the coolest friends.) How about you? What are you doing to celebrate Easter and/or GOT? Well, whatever you’re doing, here are my weekly recommended links.

How pretty are these ombre tights?

15 bread-less sandwiches for some great gluten-free inspiration.

So many parties, so many opportunities for cake toppers (to buy or d.i.y.).

Banana nutella rolls and loaded twice-baked cauliflower from my new favorite food blogger.

A pretty peacock feather cat toy d.i.y. My cats would go nuts for this.

I’ll have to try this homemade cake release spray. After all, it comes recommended from one of my favorite bakers.

Happy Good Friday and Easter everyone.

p.s. last year’s roundup and more Easter ideas.

the weekender {Easter Egg Edition}

Me & Twisty

I bet you guys thought I died after my 10k, right? I’m alive and finished the race with a personal record. The day after the race, I was finally able to cash in my horseback riding Groupon. This horse’s name is Twister. He was not that excited to see me since our lesson was scheduled during nap time.

I’m gearing up to host our Adult Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch this weekend. I’m not sure what makes it adult, except perhaps booze and the potential for trespassing and climbing trees. Also there are tons of raccoons in my neighborhood that would love to get their grimy hands on brightly colored hard-boiled eggs. So there’s the potential for a face-off with a raccoon.

I was also considering doing an egg in spoon relay race. And the main event will be a lego-filled-egg hunt. Participants must find enough lego-filled eggs to build something spectacular with legos. It’s timed and will be harshly judged.

In honor of the copious amounts of boiled eggs you’ll be eating this weekend, I present to you Easter Egg Edition Weekender.

Boozy Treats to get you started: Easter Egg Jello Shots with peeps!

For the decorating: Naturally Dyed Eggs and Super Mario Bros. Eggs.

For the egg aftermath: Southwestern Deviled Eggs, Wasabi Deviled Eggs (the best!), Baked Deviled Egg Casserole and a Golden Polenta & Egg with Mustard Sauce.

Sweet treats: Easter Egg Cake with White Chocolate Spotted Eggs.

And these perfect wooden eggs.

Happy Easter!




Easter egg hunt! {a roundup}

I’m trying to convince my friends to let me host an Easter egg hunt for adults. I live in a place that mostly resembles Ewok Village, and it would be the best for hiding eggs. My friends are not entirely sold on the idea, but maybe if I throw in some booze and an endless supply of egg salad sandwiches, I can get them to join in.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite Easter egg decorating ideas.

Bluebird Egg from Reader’s Digest via The Decorated Cookie

Crocheted Easter Eggs from Mom On Timeout

Temporary Tattooed Easter Eggs via SwissMiss

And these are my absolute favorite.

embroidered eggsEmbroidered Eggs from Design Sponge

Also, last year’s Easter Egg roundup.

And these Cadbury Cream Egg Cookie Cups. I died. No, really.

easter egg fun

I just love the idea of using real eggs instead of plastic ones. Don’t you?

Like these decoupaged eggs filled with jelly beans.

It comes with a tutorial from Say Yes! to Hoboken.

Or this tasty and beautiful egg craft from Not Martha, she shows you how to do them.

They’re a hollow chocolate and cream shell that you can fill with goodies. The best part must be cracking open the egg to expose the chocolate. What a weird experience to crack a real egg and find chocolate inside.

When you’re done you can put them in this cute thing:

It’s a crocheted Easter Basket from the Crunchy Catholic Momma. It comes with a pattern, and this basket looks well worth replicating.

Oh, hey. You’re going to want to check these out.

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs. Yep. That about says it all.