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Six Dress Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year, I went as a character from my all-time favorite TV show, Battlestar Galatica. I’m serious, guys. This is the most fan-person thing I’ve ever done. I’m not kidding, I’m getting excited just writing this post. The character is Caprica Six, or the six model of cylon. I find her fascinating and one of the most intriguing fictional characters ever developed. So, to show off the dress, Ryan, Watson and I did a little photo shoot. You think I’m kidding?

Watson Modeling

Watson was being his usual grumpy self. And ryan was showing me how it’s really done.

Ryan Modeling

So, he’s gonna kill me for posting that photo. Ok. On to the dress, which is why you’re really here.

Dress Before:

Dress Before Dress Before

Dress After:

I cut up an old dress my friend let me have. I created a shape for the bodice, extended the back (I couldn’t get it to zip over my breasts), cut out the waist and back, and shortened it.

Dress After Side view Dress After

Here’s the back of the dress.

Back of Dress

I bought a wig, but it looked cheap and horrible. I might be this character again and again for every Halloween. I saw a really someone create hand make the character’s jewelry, and I’d like to attempt that next time.

Here’s me doing the iconic pose.

Caprica 6 Pose

What do you think?

So now you know, I’m a huge nerd.

I Made This: Blue Dress with Dancing Business People

I found this skirt at the Goodwill in Savannah.

Blue-Dress-1I’m always apprehensive about buying things at Goodwill because they’re usually in the $4 range, and sometimes require a lot of work (I have a perfect example of this in an upcoming dress.) But the print on this dress was way to fun. But what exactly is it?

blue-dress-2Dancing women and men in 90’s business attire? Whatever it was, I wanted it on my body.

I hate hemming. So I cut this one from the top. I had to remove the zipper and re-sew that seam. From there it was pretty simple.

I folded the top over about an inch and pinned it, prepping it for the elastic.

blue-dress-3The guy on the right next to the seam is my favorite. Anyway, Then I sewed it down, leaving room for elastic to enter. I didn’t want an inch of elastic, but that was all I had, so I cut it in half lengthwise. My biggest fear was it losing the elasticity, but it worked fine. Then I threaded the elastic through my seam.

blue-dress-4Then I sewed the elastic in tight. At the end, I grabbed a black ribbon (about two inches thick) that I’ve had for years. I wrapped it around creating a high waistline. The ribbon moves, so I had to sew it on to the dress, which gives it a more professional feel anyway.

Here’s the result (so much sunburn):


This is a fun one. I’ve already worn it out to do some errands.

blue-dress-6Thanks to my lovely beau, who took time away from watching The Big Lebowski to take pictures of me.