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brooklyn labor day weekend

I know the weekend isn’t quite over, but I thought I’d share some photos of the weekend so far. I went to three of NYC’s bigger parks this weekend – Central Park, Prospect Park and my local park Fort Greene, which is pretty small compared to the other two. It makes me want to make a trip out to the larger parks up north and in Queens.

Tomatos Final 1.jpg

Ryan and I woke up on Sunday morning and made our way over to the farmer’s market in Fort Greene. I decided to bring my camera and consequently get in everyone’s way as I snapped photos, but I’m glad I did. Everything was vibrant and plump.

Tomatos Final Resize-2.jpg

My gosh, the heirloom tomatoes. The farms cut up slices of each variety and you can try them all. It’s better than free sample day at Publix.

There are so many varieties of heirloom tomatoes I would never know which ones to pick. Hawaiian pineapple? That’s a tomato breed!

Tomatos 2.jpg

And of course, sampling the apples is our favorite part of the farmer’s market.


After visiting our CSA farm last weekend and seeing the flower fields, I’ve been obsessed with flowers. I couldn’t help but snap a few photos.


We also took our bikes out for a loop around Prospect Park. When we got back, we ate some of Ryan’s homemade bread.


We piled generous slices with the tomatoes, thick mozzarella, and homemade basil pesto. We paired it with a glass of wine and I took a nice long carb and wine-induced nap.

The next morning I embarked to Manhattan for a long hike through Central Park with the Appalachian Mountain Club. The guide knew an incredible amount about the park and I’m glad I went with someone who knew where we were going.

The park is huge and I rarely venture off the main paths. It’s possible to get lost, even though you’re in the middle of the city! I mean, who knew there was a waterfall?

Central Park 3.jpg

Some parts of the park are so secluded. It was nice to feel alone in a town where everyone lives right on top of each other.

Central Park 1.jpg

This is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken with my iPhone.

Central Park

For the rest of today, I’m going to get a few projects done around the house and snuggle up with the cats and The Goldfinch. It’s a great book, but I feel like I’ve been reading it for months. I’m ready to move on to another book. I think I have about 100 pages left.

What about you? What are you reading? Did you do anything fun for the weekend?

flowers in your CSA

Would you consider getting weekly flowers delivered in your CSA? It’s a splurge, but what a cheerful addition it would be! This CSA in Park Slope offers flowers in their deliveries (and bread and eggs, oh, and vegetables, of course).

Ryan and I have been entertaining the idea of getting a CSA, but we don’t cook anymore, as you can tell from my lack of blog posts. We’re hoping the cost of a CSA would force us to cook, but we’re not ready to commit.

I really love how you can buy flowers on almost every street corner in New York. What do you think? Is it worth the cost?

I know I can’t get them. My cats are obsessed with flowers. They would knock over the vase and eat them all up.

Also, here are more flowers from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and information on our old CSA in Tallahassee.

CSA haul {10/6}

This was last week’s haul. We get a share every other week. It’s certainly getting colder (though, not quite fall in Florida). All of the greens are back – radishes again, mustard greens, and some weird bok choy/kale hybrid (can you help identify it?). The eggplants are getting smaller and smaller. I fear we’ve seen the last of them this year. We got the best cherry tomatoes I’ve ever had. They were gone too quickly. I didn’t even have time to put them on a salad. They were just snacks.

We bought more apples from the apple guy. Yes, we have an apple guy. We look foward to seeing him each fall. The apples weren’t part of the CSA. It’s gotten a bit cooler in the past week. Today the high is 80. So I think we’ll start to see squash and pumpkins in our share.

I’m still stumped with what to do with these mustard greens. I like their taste, but after a few bites, I’m just a little sick of them. I have the same problem with actual mustard. We roasted the radishes, which is the best way to eat them.

I’m off to run 11 miles (what?!) before it gets too warm. I’m running a half-marathon in two weeks.

csa haul {9/22}

CSA Veggies

Last week’s CSA haul brought us lots of greens. I didn’t start eating greens, or liking them for that matter, until about a year ago. This week I ate my first mustard greens and radish greens thanks to this share. An earlier haul this year introduced me to beet greens, which are my favorite so far.

Oh, and do you see? Oyster mushrooms? Yes, please! I felt like I hit the jackpot. We also received sweet potatoes and more eggplant, which we are thoroughly sick of eating by now.

I’m excited for this Fall’s harvest. Even though everything is still green around here, we bought our first apples of the season, so it can’t be too long for Fall.

life lately

I’ve let my job take the wheel these past few weeks. By the time I get home from work, my brain is fried, and I’m finding it hard to get anything done. I zombie out in front of the TV or occasionally attempt reading a book. I usually try to dedicate a little bit of time after work to learning new things like programming, Photoshop, or even reading up on current events or spending time on Wikipedia. But, these days, I can hardly tolerate looking at a computer screen after 5 p.m. The good news is, I anticipate my job getting easier in the next few weeks.

Despite all of that, I’m still having lots of fun, mostly on the weekends. Here are a few glimpses of some things that have been happening.

Ryan and I have been biking from Tallahassee to St. Marks. It’s intense and awesome.

st. marks sign

Here we are once we made it to St. Marks. We’re super sweaty. Did I mention it’s like 99 degrees outside?

st. marks

Ryan and I own bikes, but we’re not bikers. I was so proud of our Map My Run stats, since it was our first ride. We’ve been back and beaten this time already.

map my run

Grilled pizza. Before and after.

grilled pizza before

grilled pizza after

The biggest moth on my front porch. Yes, I live in the jungle. And yes, I have fears of this thing flying right into my face every single day. Ever notice how flying insects have no sense of direction?

gigantor moth

The best vegetarian product – Gardein’s Mandarin Orange Chick’n. I can eat an entire bag.

gardenin chick

I only take photos of food, don’t you know? This is our latest CSA share. I made the best squash quiche with the squash. We renewed our share for fall.

csa share

Ryan and I are trying to take a photo at least once a month. We’re really bad at it.


But we’re getting better. This was taken on his birthday. <3


I love him so much.

csa haul {6/16}

CSA Vegetables

It was a small haul this week, but holy cow, do I have so many tomatoes.

I might try this yellow tomato sauce recipe. Our CSA had about double the yellow tomatoes above, I just didn’t photograph them.

That long root vegetable in the back is green garlic. They’re supposed to be sweeter and grassier than regular garlic. The long stalks can be used like a leek, so I’m thinking of making some type of garlicky leek soup.

Each week I end up freezing most of my basil. I can’t seem to eat all of it.

Do you know how to store fresh basil? Place a bunch of basil in a short jar or cup and let the stems rest in some water. Leave the jar in a sunny spot in your kitchen. Don’t get the  leaves wet. It will last for more than a week if it’s fresh.



CSA haul {6/2}

The CSA bounty has been outstanding lately. We renewed our share for the summer crops.  This was our last week’s CSA.

This week’s grab was red and green: tomatoes, red potatoes, strawberries, zucchini, basil, and green beans. Carrots were thrown into this bag, and a weird zucchini/yellow squash hybrid. I picked up some peaches, because I can’t resist.

Ryan and I have been really good about eating all of our vegetables from the CSA. The green beans are the hardest to finish. We’re actually not sure what type of beans they are. How sad is that? They look like peas, but we eat them like green beans. Having a share has really challenged our culinary and gastronomic interests.

salted cucumbers In our last CSA, we received pounds of cucumbers. I made this cucumber salad recipe with it and did not regret it. I brought it to a potluck and my friends inhaled it. I used my iPhone to take a shot of me salting the cucumbers.

Sometimes things just come together, like this perfect pairing of CSA veggies.

italian veggies

I practically threw it all in a food processor and then in a pot to make pasta sauce.

veggie pasta

I won’t share this recipe with you, because no matter how hard I try, I can never make my homemade pasta taste as good as the jarred stuff. Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve? My friends advised me to use tomato paste.

CSA haul {5/5}

CSA veggies

We hit the motherload with this week’s CSA package. I always had this feeling that our previous CSA bags were a little light for the season. But this recent bag makes it clear to me that the spring and summer vegetables are on their way.  This week we are eating: spring onions, three heads of lettuce, a ton of green beans, squash, and cucumbers, strawberries and potatoes. Additionally I bought a head of broccoli for $1, cherry tomatoes for $2.50, and a bunch of kale for $1. I almost feel guilty after leaving because it’s so cheap. How are these farmers making a profit? I’d pay more, don’t they know?

Ryan and I were asked to renew our CSA share, which has sparked some discussion. A while ago, we let some of our produce go bad. Lots of it. Sometimes nothing feels worse than throwing away food. It’s hard to eat food you’re not used to eating, like chard and snap peas. We decided we couldn’t let it happen again.

And so here we are, a few days in and eating from it daily. And it’s nice. It’s nice to open my fridge and have an array of fresh produce. It’s nice to know where my food is coming from. It’s nice to know I’m supporting my community. (and saying a big “eff you” to factory farms.)

We’ve been doing a lot of steaming and boiling vegetables, since it’s the fastest way to cook them. Then we eat them unseasoned, or with just a bit of salt. It’s interesting how I’ve forgotten, or perhaps never known what a plain vegetable tastes like. So much of what I eat is strongly seasoned and covered in sauce.

Our CSA included two giant bags of green beans, so we’re struggling to consume them. I boiled some and topped it with a poached egg.

green beans and poached egg green bean

This is my first attempt at a poached egg. I lost one in the process. I’ve only ever had a bite of one before and was completely grossed out. But lately, I’ve been craving egg yolks (weird, huh?) and my standard over-hard eggs are suddenly turning into gooey, runny treats.

I followed Smitten Kitchen’s method, of course.

CSA haul {3/24}


This week our CSA included:

green onions, oranges, beets, lots of strawberries, rainbow chard, and lettuce. We picked up some cherry tomatoes at the farmer’s market, as well.

I’ve never really cooked with beets. So, I look forward to the challenge. I plan on making a beet cake to ease into it, because when in doubt, add chocolate.

I’m just a few days away from running my 10k. It’s on Saturday. I’m nervous, but ready to get it over with. My body is sick of being perpetually sore and t’s getting too hot to run in the evenings after work. With that being said, I’ve been having a great time competing with myself and comparing my distances and times with each progressing week. And I’m still entirely amazed that I can run 6.2 miles. Also, I have the most supportive friends.

I stopped in the store and picked up a pack of Abita Strawberry (limited release). This is the first time I’ve seen it in stores, but I had it when we went to the Abita Brewery. I know it’s not champagne, but can I drink it with a few of the strawberries from the CSA? I bet it will be amazing.

abita strawberry harvest lager

First time CSA Members

Ryan and I bought a CSA share from a local farm, so we’ll be getting fresh veggies every other week. We visited the farm yesterday, which made it all the more meaningful.

This week’s haul included fresh carrots, kale, swiss chard, strawberries, cilantro, and green beans.

csa veggies

Needless to say it was a big day for all of us.

Watson found a new home in the CSA bag.

watson in csa bagcsa bag

Watson got stuck in his new home.

watson in csa bag

The agony.
watson in csa bag

Riley got a special kale treat.

kale treatkale treat

And Watson was jealous.

kale treat