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NYC Meow Parlour Cat Cafe

Warning there will be lots of photos of cats and cat-shaped things.


NYC Meow Parlour is part cafe and part cat heaven.  The idea came from crowded Asian cities with small apartments that wouldn’t allow pets. These cafes let you interact with cats in a homey environment, without having the responsibility of being a full-time cat mom (or dad).

It’s kind of perfect. If I didn’t have two cats of my own, I’d probably live at a cat cafe.

The best part, they’re adoptable! But I can’t imagine the cats wanting to leave. The cat cafe was  glorious – so many places for them to climb, sleep, and play!

We went in the middle of the day, so the cats were doing what they do best.




This is an ottoman with a cat bed inside. Brilliant.


Our trip wouldn’t be complete without some excitement.


There was lots of drama over the toys.




Sleeping in the toy box because #yolo.


My friend Sara and I booked our visit to the cafe months in advance! That’s how busy it is! So as not to exhaust the poor kitties, they limit the amount of people who can visit the cafe in a day.

You can also purchase coffee and treats at the cafe across the street and bring them into the cat area. Are you ready for this?

So many cat shaped sweets!



It was all very cute. And tasty!


The whole cafe was super cute and calming. It had everything you’d find in your favorite coffee shops, plus cats!


how to cold brew coffee

I know it’s fall and we’re all scrambling around trying to figure out what pumpkin dessert/craft/drink we’re going to indulge in today, since pumpkin season always seems to go so quickly. But I have to pause and share with you my cold brew recipe that’s perfect for summer, which is ending.

how to cold brew coffee

There are lots of reasons why I’m only now, in mid-September, posting a mid-Summer recipe. They might be:

  • Some people will still drink iced coffee in the fall. I could drink it until the official start of Winter, because I love it so much.
  • It turns out, drinking two or three cups of cold brew a day doesn’t make you more productive. Unless productive means, “I should be blogging but instead I’m going down a Gawker rabbit hole.”
  • It make you pee a lot, which delays posts. And life.
  • Mostly though, I didn’t have enough self control to take an “after” picture. I prepared the cup and just drank the iced coffee instead.

This is a cold-brew technique, which means the beans are never heated. A lot of people think it’s a better way to drink coffee cold.

My favorite part is you make a big batch on the weekend and you have iced coffee for the whole week!

You filter the ground beans once through the mesh strainer. Then, cover the strainer with the muslin cloth and pour the coffee once more through the strainer. The cloth will filter out the smaller grinds and oils.

how to cold brew
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This cold brew coffee recipe only takes 10 minutes to prep and then sit it in the fridge overnight. In the morning you'll have a nice iced coffee.
Recipe type: drinks
You will need:
  • A beverage pitcher
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • A 12 square-inch piece of muslin cloth (see notes for information)
  • 2 cups coarsely-ground coffee
  • 8 cups water, plus 2 cups
  • Ice
This recipe uses a muslin cloth to filter the beans. Muslin cloth is a plain 100% cotton cloth that can be found in any fabric shop. It’s very cheap and usually un-dyed. If you can find organic cloth, that would be best. In a pinch, you could use a large paper coffee filter, just beware of it tearing.

Step by Step Instructions:

Go ahead and grind your whole beans, if you haven’t done so already.

Grind the beans

Pour the coffee beans into a large beverage pitcher.

Pour coffee beans

Then add eight cups of cold water.

add water

Cover the container and let it sit and steep overnight in the fridge.

steep the beansOnce the coffee is done steeping, cover a mixing bowl with your mesh strainer. Pour the coffee through the strainer, so it catches the grinds.

filter coffee with mesh strainer

Discard the grinds (or use them as a facial cleanser!).

Rinse out the pitcher, removing any leftover grinds, then pour the coffee back into it. Clean out the mesh strainer and the mixing bowl and repeat the pouring process, but this time with the muslin cloth. Pour it in a cup or two at a time, since it will take longer to strain. If the coffee is getting clogged (so to speak) in the cloth, just pick it up and give it a squeeze or wash the cloth in between pours.

using the muslin cloth

Place the cloth over the strainer and pour the coffee through the cloth to filter it.

muslin cloth filter

Once it’s gone through the muslin cloth, it’s well-filtered and drinkable. The cold brew is very strong so I add the other two cups of water to dilute it. Then add some ice to make it a true iced coffee! Fix it up with milk and sugar or maybe some fancy syrups, if you like. Whatever’s your preference!

How to cold brew coffee

So, what about you? Do you miss iced coffees in the winter?

iced coffee recipe + links to love

editor’s note: This, being my first post, was originally titled “Shrinking Violet.”


I’m up to two cups of coffee in the morning these days. I live within walking distance from a Winn-dixie, so whenever I’m out of essentials (tp and coffee) I make a trip there (remember the one-mile walking rule: if it’s within a mile walk to it.) Here I’ve found a great bold coffee. There’s no other way to describe it, except it’s Winn-dixie’s gourmet generic brand, called Winn & Lovett Prestige Selection and the coffee is Italian Style Espresso. My only complaint is that it’s not made in whole bean (I prefer to grind my own coffee.) But ground coffee has it’s perks, specifically prep time. This makes a mean iced coffee, btw. This is how I do it:

– Take the normal amount of coffee you’d use per however many cups you’d like to prepare and double it.
-Brew as usual.
-There are two things you can do here: After it’s done brewing and still hot, you can add the cream & sugar, and pour it over ice. This is why you want it extra strong. The ice tends to melt and dilute the coffee.
-Or: Make the coffee a few hours in advanced (or overnight), mix the sugar & cream, and stick it in the fridge. Pour over ice, and the ice is left in tact. This is the best way. I’ve also placed a ziplock bag of ice in the coffee while it’s hot, it cools it pretty fast, and the ice melts in the bag. But I try not to heat up plastic, if I can help it, so use this one only in a crunch.

Make this coffee extra great by crushing ice in a blender/food processor. Why is crushed ice so much better? There has got to be science behind it.

I had some huge margaritas last night. While I’ve been known to make some pretty amazing ones, I forget exactly how powerful tequila can be. But tequila has always been my friend. No hangover.

Here are some things I’m in love with right now:
-Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Blog. Specifically the Cooking From the CSA category (hello spiced zucchini with pecans). The bf and I go to the farmers market every Saturday. Sadly, we’re not members of the CSA, but strongly considering it (members get farm fresh eggs!). While it’s great to eat local produce, it’s sort of tough to find things to cook with it. This blog is yummy and helpful. Zucchini is frequently available, so we eat a lot of it. And the boyfriend just bought a huge bag of pecans, so look out for the candied spice pecans recipe – coming soon.

-Speaking of cooking from the farmers market, last week we got a huge cabbage (appx. 8 pounds). I made sweet & sour cabbage this weekend. It was perfect, German inspired goodness. I fused some aspects from this and this recipe. Sadly, the cabbage wasn’t a red one. And I was all out of red wine vinegar (balsamic worked fine) and subbed brown sugar for white (what a recession, I’m all out of sugar!). This made a huge amount of food. There is probably four big servings left. Also, I still have about a quarter of a cabbage left. What to do with it? Certainly not waste it.

-My new favorite tumblr. It’s perfect.

-Did you know students with a .edu account can get free two day shipping on Amazon? Basically, it’s a free one-year trial of Prime.

-I bought this Vera Bradley bag (well luggage) this weekend. Should I return it? It seems impulsive. I’m not into Vera Bradley at all (actually, I find it hideous.) But I wanted a trendy bag for these weekend trips that the beau and I have planned (Savannah, GA, and Portland, OR coming up.) And I’ve borrowed a Vera Bradley bag from an old roomie, and they’re very sturdy and easy to clean. It was on sale ($45). But I bought it before my car broke down yesterday and was out a chunk of change.

Happy Sunday all.

image via foodista, with many thanks.
p.s. Sorry for the ugly layout. I’m working on getting a tolerable look.