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quick and easy kitchen upgrade

I seriously just upgraded my life in less than five minutes. Grab some nails and start pounding into your cabinets.

I don’t have a before picture, but this cupboard was a mess. Stacking pots is a science that I fail at.

And maybe this is a white person problem, but reaching for the pan lid that’s covered by other cookery in the back of your cabinet is not fun, especially while cooking.

Look at all of that space! There’s enough room for at least two more pots. Maybe it’s time to finally buy that Dutch oven. I’m pretty embarrassed that I didn’t do this sooner. My imagination has run wild with what I can do next: measuring cups, cake pans, spice jars?

Have you come across any simple kitchen upgrades lately?

pro tip: make sure the pots hanging on the door will fit and close before you start hammering away.

6 p.m. Discount Brand Clothing

Have you heard of 6pm.com? It’s a website that sells expensive name brand at around a 60% discount from the MSRP. Sometimes I think it’s pricey, I still couldn’t afford to shop there regularly. But if you have a special engagement and want to show up wearing a $500 dress that you only paid $100 for, well, it’s a possibility. My picks:

French Connection Wizard Cotton Dress
$47.60, MSRP $148

Michael Kors Tweed Kimono Dress
$71.50, MSRP $130

Roxy Newland Dress (Yes, I realize Roxy is a high school brand and there’s a good chance this dress will not cover my rear.)
$15.58, MSRP $44.50

Laundry by Shelli Segal Sleeveless Pleated Party Dress
$115.09, MSRP $295
This one is probably my favorite.

Betsey Johnson Bathing Beauties Trapeze Dress
$54.90, MSRP $265

HUGO Hugo Boss Korina Dress in Periwinkle
$102.60, MSRP $525

I know most of my male friends bleed Diesel clothing, which they have a nice selection of. Also, this is a haven for all things accessories and shoes. I think I’ll splurge on a new pair of Nike running shoes soon.

I try to never pay full price for anything.

good buy: kmart breakfast nook

My good friend, Bryan, always takes me to weird places that I normally wouldn’t walk into. This week, it was Kmart. We found this gem and he’s buying it.

It’s quite darling for a plastic Kmart breakfast nook. I’m very happy he’s buying it. It’s much better than the  Wal-Mart table I bought a few years ago for the same price. Right, that’s the best part – we found it in store for $200. I can’t seem to find that price or this color online. But here’s one in white for the original price of $400, which I would not pay.

I know it’s not the most classy thing, but the truth is we’re poor and can’t afford great things yet. Crate & Barrel will have to wait.

What do you think about it?