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halloween cat costumes!

In short, these Halloween cat costumes are the best. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I became when I saw them.

Witch Hat Cat Halloween Costume

Witch Hat Cat Costume

I tried to show them to my cats, but they ran in fear.

Wizard Cat Costume

Wizard Hat Cat Costume

These are all hand made by Etsy Shop Owner I Heart Needlework. She custom makes them to fit your cat’s head. She also makes costumes for dogs and guinea pigs. How cute is that?

Pilgrim Hat Cat Costume

Cat Pilgrim Costume

I love the Thanksgiving ones, which would be perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’m all about re-using costumes.

Turkey Cat Halloween Costume

Turkey Cat Halloween Costume

Oh, and how great is her cat? What a perfect model.  We bought our cats a dinosaur costume. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well.

p.s. This cat mermaid costume is my favorite.