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how to make a rainbow cake

I’d like to start this post with an apology. For the next week, there will be a lot of baked goods featured on this blog. It might be a rough week, especially for you dieters, but try not to be so sad. While I try to have a nice balance of crafts, d.i.y., food, and pretty things, sometimes baking just takes a priority in my life. Mostly, because it’s cheaper than many of my hobbies.

Last week’s girls night circled around the creation of this beauty:

Sure, the colors scared me a little, but it seems like rainbow cakes are a rite of passage in the blog world.

We used a white boxed cake mix and added icing gels.

I was reluctant because I’ve never dyed cake with an icing gel, but it seems fine. They’re Duff’s color gels, which I’ve never used before, but they really seem more effective than the Wilton ones.

Add in the dyes

Don’t be shy. The more, the better? Maybe. Remember red dyes have a funny taste. Mix it in and you should get fun things like this:

Now layer it into a well floured cake pan. Pour about a cup and a quarter of each color batter in the cake pan. You want stack the batter on top of each other. It will eventually spread out. Yes, I was skeptical too.

This was so much fun to watch.

Here’s the color combination in the other pan.

Then you bake them as per the instructions on the box.

One of our cakes cracked. I’m finding this is part of life.

But it was even worse underneath. We were unsure how exactly that chunk fit in the cake. We fail at puzzles.

But no worries, we frosted it with some melty icing and it was delicious.

Vanilla bean butter cream recipe found here.

Life is good.

You caught me. I tried to add as many photos as I could, because it’s just so colorful and pretty.