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A Quick Trip to Finback Brewery

I wanted to share a few photos of our Saturday Trip to Finback Brewery in Queens.


The weather was nice, the beer was solid, and the light was gorgeous. I had to take out my camera.

One of the worst things about winter is the light. It’s partially why a lot of my blogging slows down in the winter. I hate struggling to find good shots when everything seems dark and grey. It takes a lot longer to shoot and even longer to edit, since I’m such a perfectionist. One of my major criticisms about my blog photos is they’re all pretty dark. I’m building a lightbox/lightroom setup to combat that, but since I’m DIYing it (naturally) it’s taking some time.


But back to the beer. I was obsessed with the brewery’s logo. When my friends suggested we go to the brewery, I went to the website and saw their logo and immediately was in. What can I say? I wish all sea animals could be my friend. Plus, of course, I just liked the design.


Finback self-distributes in NYC only. We sampled all of their beers and they were all very good. Their wit beer was one of the best I’ve ever had. Most of the group agreed that “comforting” was the best way to describe their beers. I could sip them all day.


My favorites were the Double Sess(ion) wit beer and the Starchild sour (photographed below). They had a huge selection of IPAs, black and reds, but sadly, I’m not an IPA fan.


If you’re in New York or Queens, it’s a little off the beaten path, but definitely worth a visit.

the weekender 5/13/2011

{source via weheartit}

I love this image. Did you ever read The Little Prince when you were younger? It was one of my favorites.

It’s that time of the week again. Happy weekend all. I plan to eat more grilled food and take a kayaking trip on one of our local rivers. I love kayaking. Northwest Florida is truly a heaven of outdoor treasure.

Anyway, here are some links I’ve been dying to share.

How cute is this umbrella frock? She turned an umbrella into a dress for a costume project.

I’m loving these lace trimmed shorts.

And I can’t tell you how much I’ve been desiring this Kate Spade bag.

I’m still enamored by the terrarium craze. I thought this sewed terrarium tutorial is a unique and beautiful way to display them. Also, glass doesn’t break when the cats knock them over.

These coffee stencils are a great way to make your favorite coffee lover (or yourself) feel special.

Have you ever had a beer cocktail? I had my first one a year ago. They can be so refreshing and strong. I cannot wait to make this raspberry beer cocktail on a hot summer day.

new orleans day 3: abita brewery

The beau and I woke up bright and early and were at Cafe du Monde around 7 a.m. There was almost always a line at Cafe du Monde, which is famous for its beignets.

They’re French-style doughnuts covered in a mound of powdered sugar.

I had mine with another menu favorite – cafe au lait.

After breakfast we headed about 45 miles out of New Orleans to the town of Abita, home of one of our favorite southern brews.

The town of Abita is smaller than my hometown, really, like no Wal-Mart. Yet it is home to the Abita Brewery and Tasting Room.

We took a tour, which lasted about an hour.

The first 45 minutes of the tour is all you can drink Abita on tap. Seriously. Open bar. Just walk up and help yourself.

Watch a little video on the brewing process, then take your drinks and walk into the brewery to take a look around.

It’s a little boring, because, well, brewing beer isn’t that exciting. It’s a lot of waiting and fermenting, but the tour guide gives you lots of interesting tidbits as he sips his own beer. Every employee we saw was drinking. They all seemed really happy.

Then you go back to the tasting room, buy some merchandise, top off your drink and hang out on the patio. Abita has a Save our Shores Beer, which benefits the gulf coast cleanup effort. Part of the video we watched also discusses Abita’s green initiative, which is pretty impressive.

We then headed over to the Abita Brew Pub. The building was their home when they were a micro-brewery. Since then they’ve had to move to a bigger building.

I finally snagged me an elusive Abita Strawberry. It’s seasonal and hard to find in Florida.

The boyfriend had a mixed beer drink called The Barney. It was Abita Andy Gator and Abita Purple Haze. A fine dessert beer.

Then we ate. Brew pub food is so great.

The best spinach artichoke dip.

a  ruben.

and portabello sandwich.

Savannah Craft Brew Fest


This weekend my boyfriend and I headed to Savannah for a weekend of historical sightseeing and craft brew drinking. Who knew Savannah was so big into beer? Saturday was the Craft Brew Fest where I sampled 32 beers (appx. 4 oz each) in about two hours. You do the math. Obviously, I had a good time. Here’s what I sampled:


Here are my votes.

The most unique:
21st Amendment’s Back in Black IPA – a black IPA
21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon Wheat
The wit beers. I’ve never had them before and they’re great.

The Tastiest:
Original Sin Cider
Woodchuck’s Fall Limited Release Cider – This is the best ever. Red Apple and Cinnamon flavored = tasty apple pie cider.

My favorites:
Thomas Creek Deep Water Dopplebock
New Belgium Mothership Wit Organic Wheat

1st Place:
Left Hand Milk Stout

I hear this one is sort of a legend in the beer world. Appropriately so. It was dark and creamy with hints of coffee and chocolate. I really wanted to dip a doughnut in this one on a cool Sunday morning. This was also my”Last Hurrah!” drink before leaving Savannah.

The next day we traveled to The Distillery, which had a very large craft beer selection. If you’re ever in Savannah, look this place up.

I had a beer cocktail. Here it is next to some delicious IPA beer battered onion rings.

The Berry White
A Framboise Lambic & Allagash White

Here’s the Left Hand Milk Stout in a glass. It’s so dark and delicious. It’s next to a beer my boyfriend ordered, but I’m unsure which one it was.

Have a great Labor Day!