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the weekender: 1/13/2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I’ve found some useful links on the web this week. I thought I’d share.

– You know those really sugary and soft cookies with frosting that hardly even taste like a cookie? You can find them in supermarkets everywhere every holiday and football season. They’re always decorated with the appropriate holiday theme and practically melt in your mouth. We’ll they’re called lofthouse cookies (who knew?), and here’s a recipe (and the source for the above image).

-A brilliant solution to how to transport a cupcake without smushing the icing. Because we’ve all had this dilemma.

-I really enjoyed BGSK’s food resolutions.

-And this orange candle blew my mind. What? So cool.

This dress. So pretty and perfect for curvy women.