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where have you been?

Ryan and Heidi

Ryan and I took a trip back to Tallahassee to get our stuff out of storage and to be reunited with my kitties. I started my new job when we got back, so I’m just now getting oriented and can’t believe it’s Thursday and I haven’t updated my blog in weeks.

we're adorable.

Tallahassee was a lot of fun. I’m glad I was able to see my friends for a sweet farewell. We also spent the weekend in Apalachicola, where I got some sun on my skin and walked slowly with nowhere to go. We stayed at the Coomb’s House Bed and Breakfast and watched Ryan’s band played their farewell gig at the Dixie Theater.

Oh, and we sat in this over-sized chair by the water.

After soaking up so much sun, you can imagine my disappointment as New York greeted us with snow. But I’m optimistic spring is right around the corner. It’s going to be in the 50’s next week.

fourth of july cake

I need more reasons to make cakes. Yesterday, I brought this patriotic cake to a party. I only took one photo with my iPhone. Taking pictures may never come naturally to me. Anyway, it was one delicious cake.

Let’s be honest, I consume a lot. I buy a lot of goods and services, many of which I don’t need. My thoughts on consumption are, “it’s ok to consume, if you’re creating at an equal output.” Of course this is an arbitrary rule, but it doesn’t change the fact that I struggle with the fact that I don’t create anything. My friends say, “but you craft!” But look at this blog. I don’t craft anymore. I found that crafting caused me to buy too many things: paintbrushes, fancy paper, yarn, and tons of baubles. Don’t even get me started on the hundreds of dollars of cake decorating supplies I have.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend who said, “I think we are all creating and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical product.”

I like that idea. And in the meantime, at least I can create a tasty meal and a pretty cake. And I really want to ramp up my re-purposed craft projects.

In other news, Ryan and I are going to Apalachicola this weekend to stay in a Bed & Breakfast (my first one!) and soak up plenty of sun.

Cake details:
White Cake Recipe – Martha Stewart (Crumb alert! This was one crumbly cake.)
Buttercream Frosting Recipe – Savory Sweet Life (except, I was like 3 cups short of powdered sugar)

apalachicola was so good to us

Sigh. Why did our weekend in Apalachicola have to end? My friends and I rented a condo by the bay and spent most of our time inebriated reveling in the charm of this ‘old Florida town.’

Why do sleepovers disappear once we grow up? Waking up next to my friends is the best, and not just because of their morning cocktail skills, but because they remember to buy pickled green bean stirrers.

bloody mary

I made my favorite banana pancake recipe for them. <3

Our condo came with bikes, so naturally we took to the town (which couldn’t have been larger than a square mile).



Apalachicola has a large art scene. There are quite a few galleries and displays of local artists are everywhere. My favorite were the garden decor and sculptures.

sculpted fish

sculpted chickens

This town had, you know…priorities.

liquor potter

And so did we. I had my first push pop.

push pops

Bought these awesome under-the-sea sprinkles!

sharks sprinkles

And made sure to take plenty of photos with tacky 90’s girl-power bumper stickers.

chicks rule

I love the coconut candle display in the background.