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the weekender {Easter Egg Edition}

Me & Twisty

I bet you guys thought I died after my 10k, right? I’m alive and finished the race with a personal record. The day after the race, I was finally able to cash in my horseback riding Groupon. This horse’s name is Twister. He was not that excited to see me since our lesson was scheduled during nap time.

I’m gearing up to host our Adult Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch this weekend. I’m not sure what makes it adult, except perhaps booze and the potential for trespassing and climbing trees. Also there are tons of raccoons in my neighborhood that would love to get their grimy hands on brightly colored hard-boiled eggs. So there’s the potential for a face-off with a raccoon.

I was also considering doing an egg in spoon relay race. And the main event will be a lego-filled-egg hunt. Participants must find enough lego-filled eggs to build something spectacular with legos. It’s timed and will be harshly judged.

In honor of the copious amounts of boiled eggs you’ll be eating this weekend, I present to you Easter Egg Edition Weekender.

Boozy Treats to get you started: Easter Egg Jello Shots with peeps!

For the decorating: Naturally Dyed Eggs and Super Mario Bros. Eggs.

For the egg aftermath: Southwestern Deviled Eggs, Wasabi Deviled Eggs (the best!), Baked Deviled Egg Casserole and a Golden Polenta & Egg with Mustard Sauce.

Sweet treats: Easter Egg Cake with White Chocolate Spotted Eggs.

And these perfect wooden eggs.

Happy Easter!