the weekender 2/28/2014



(via furbish studios)

February is finally over! I am so relieved to be heading full-speed into spring. Although, today is the coldest day we’ve seen in a few weeks. Spring is taking its sweet time.

Tonight I’m hosting a craft night. We’re making wine spritzers from our soda stream and cooking dinner. We’ll also be making various pom pom crafts, hence the photo above. If you need inspiration for what to make this weekend, here are some tasty and creative links.

Mardi Gras is coming up! Celebrate with these festive Mardi Gras cupcakes.

How cute are these cookie monster macaroons?

And if you’re still craving sugar, A Subtle Revelry did an amazing roundup of pinata cakes.

Elizabeth has been doing all sorts of cool things with essential oils and today she made a healing hand lotion.

This etsy shop features amazing wool felted constellations. They are beautiful.

Also, Cabaret is coming back to Broadway featuring Alan Cumming as the Emcee! How amazing is that? My roommate and I are grabbing tickets. I feel so fortunate to be able to see this. I love this musical and especially love Alan Cumming as the lead.

the weekender 1/31/2014

Happy Weekend friends. I am definitely over this cold winter weather. This past week I was deep in the winter blues. Thank goodness January is over. The sun is finally shining today and I’m leaving for some Southern comfort first thing tomorrow morning.

I just can’t wait for days of dress wearing. My legs have never felt so sad. They miss the sunlight too!

Speaking of dress wearing, are you pumped for this the new Peter Pilotto Target Collection? They have so many bright-colored dresses. It’s launching in early February.

Sometimes, you just need an iphone case that tells it like it is.

Lately, I have been dreaming of filling my house with plants and these color blocked air plant holders are so pretty.

Easy to sew d.i.y. heart pillows for Valentine’s day, plus my favorite nerdy valentine’s day cards.

This fox cake is amazing!

These d.i.y. rope wrapped mason jar lights are rustic and beautiful. How great would they be in a cottage home?

I’m such a Gleek (always and forever). I just love how romantic and perfect Blaine’s version of this Katy Perry song is. I could watch it forever.

My half marathon is on Sunday. I’m heading down to New Orleans tomorrow morning for some southern sun and fun, oh and running. P.S. I’ve been to New Orleans before. It was a blast. It’s one of my favorite cities.

the weekender 11/22/2013

Happy Friday everyone! I’m sitting at the airport, trying to make my way to Florida. I’ll be spending the weekend in Tallahassee. I’m so excited to see my best friends. Then I’m making my way south to spend Thanksgiving with my parents.

Jonathan Adler Champagne Candle

Here are a few amazing links that I wanted to share:

This d.i.y. chalkboard cheese board would make a perfect gift!

I am making this deer string art on a log. I already have the supplies! It’s so beautiful.

This etsy shop makes sleek-looking felt kitty beds and homes. They look so cozy.

How sexy is this Jonathan Adler candle (pictured above)? I have never been more tempted to spend $40 on a candle before. Christmas, anyone?

And here are a few yummies for you.

Take your Thanksgiving treats to go. Pumpkin Bread in a jar!

Butternut squash cannoli. I’m making this. The New York Times does not mess around.



the weekender 5/4/2013

Hello friends. This weekend, I’m spending a lot of time at home. I just moved my cats into the new apartment and I want to keep an eye on things. My roommate also has a cat, so we’re spending a lot of times doing cat introductions. They can be such grumpy creatures. But it’s so worth it, especially when they take naps with you.

Sleepy Cats

(photo by ryan)

It’s a beautiful weekend. I hope to get a little bit of baking done and a little bit more unpacking. I hope to show you the place, when it finally comes together.

Erik Klein Wolterink takes photos of ethnic kitchens. There is so much to look at. How do they differ from yours?

This Anthropologie Plate Wall D.I.Y. is such a pretty way to decorate a wall.

I must have had a major sweet tooth while collecting links this week. First, Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake Shots, and then this banana cake. I couldn’t decide!

I’m in the process of decorating the apartment, and this bean bag roundup has inspired me.

These D.I.Y. marquee lights look so professional, yet so easy to make.

This is really the best way to end the post. This giant sleeping cat couch is perfect.

the weekender 3/29/2013

(d.i.y. french easter eggs)

It’s Friday again! Since I’ve started my new job, weekends are, once again, something wonderful to look forward to. I have two birthday parties to attend this weekend. March is such a birthday month (mine!). But let’s talk about the more important events of this holiday. Ok, so there’s Easter, but, sadly, I’m skipping it this year. Just like I skipped our anniversary, valentine’s day, and my birthday, I guess moving is really taking it’s toll on personal celebrations.

But you bet I’m not skipping the Game of Thones Season 3 premier! (Bonus! It’s a combo birthday party/GOT viewing. I have the coolest friends.) How about you? What are you doing to celebrate Easter and/or GOT? Well, whatever you’re doing, here are my weekly recommended links.

How pretty are these ombre tights?

15 bread-less sandwiches for some great gluten-free inspiration.

So many parties, so many opportunities for cake toppers (to buy or d.i.y.).

Banana nutella rolls and loaded twice-baked cauliflower from my new favorite food blogger.

A pretty peacock feather cat toy d.i.y. My cats would go nuts for this.

I’ll have to try this homemade cake release spray. After all, it comes recommended from one of my favorite bakers.

Happy Good Friday and Easter everyone.

p.s. last year’s roundup and more Easter ideas.

the weekender 3/1/2013

Happy March everyone! It’s my birthday month. Last year, for my birthday, Ryan and I took a trip to NYC and decided we were going to move here. This year, we’re moved in and settled. So much can happen in a year.

Bill Murray Pillow

A collection of Bill Murray art. How great.

Make your own glittery elephant bookends. Yes please.

These d.i.y. vegetable dyed menus would add a nice touch to your next fancy dinner party.

Always be prepared for a party on the fly.

This artwork is so pretty.

How fun are these colored funnel cakes? It has me ready for summer.

I’ve been really indulging in Downton Abbey lately. So, it’s only appropriate to feature “If Downton Abbey were on Facebook.” {warning spoilers}

the weekender 2/15/2013

rosesHappy weekend friends. Last night Ryan and I got tacos and champagne margaritas at Chavelas and finished off our night with banana cream filled churros and chocolate dipping sauce. It was incredible. Margaritas are my favorite drink, even in winter. I am always on the lookout for a great margarita.

Tonight we’re heading to Columbia for a lecture on the Higgs Boson and some stargazing. Yep, we’re total nerds. Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?  Keep a look out for meteors and asteroids.

Goat yelling like humans. Completely absurd and I laughed so hard.

This photo of the sun is incredible.

The singers from Little Joy and from Moldy Peaches have teamed up. It’s good.

Perfect curly hair how-to. Sigh.

Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting. Holy yum! (I’m sorry I did this to you.)

Remember how much I love kale chips? Here are 10 ways to flavor them up.

And finally, 13 Moments when Betty Draper didn’t give a f*ck. Too excellent. Read it twice.

happy valentine’s day

Vintage Cowboy Card & lots of other vintage cards 

Happy Valentine’s Day! How cute is it to look out the window and seeing everyone carrying flowers, chocolates, or balloons?

Ryan and I will probably celebrate this weekend by doing something ultra-touristy. Tonight we have plans to eat fried-avocado tacos and watch junky sci-fi television. What a perfect night. Do we have class or what?

Really our greatest gift for Valentine’s Day was getting internet in our apartment. So I’m back up and running. Since all of my kitchen and craft items are in storage, I guess I’ll just share some of my favorite valentine’s-themed things:

The funniest Arrested Development Valentine’s Cards.

Speaking of, I’m having a love affair with this heart-shaped ice cream sandwich.

Valentine’s Day S’mores gift.

D.I.Y. heart-shaped sugar cubes for your tea

10 great books about love.

Nerd Valentine is perfect.

The prettiest D.I.Y. A wall of paper hearts.

and did you see google today?

Whether you’re coupled or not, celebrating or abstaining, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


the weekender 2/8/2013


Happy Nemo Weekend, Friends. Ryan and I are preparing for a snowstorm (our first ever). I hope everything goes well. I finally got him to watch an episode of Girls, and he seems hooked. Hopefully, we’ll spend all weekend drinking hot coco and watching it. How perfect.

What about you? Any plans for the weekend? I hope everyone in the Northeast stays warm and safe.

My best friend Leah is in town. And we’re going to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Shoe Obsession Exhibit. I can’t wait.

Did you watch the puppy bowl? We did, on repeat (of course). And this made me laugh.

Make pizza in your Cast Iron Skillet. Yes please.

The Dirty Projectors cover Usher’s Climax was the best thing I saw all week.

Dogs as fonts.

Have you ever had condensed milk cookies?

And I fell in love with this whimsical painting.

the weekender 1/25/2013

Happy weekend, folks. I’ve been indoors for the past few days fighting off a nasty cold. I’m finally feeling well enough to head out on the town tonight. Do you have any weekend plans?

Here are my favorite links for this past week.

How much would you love to attend a  braid bar? Jordan of Oh Happy Day hosted one as part of her craft night series.

I would fasten my braid with this whale barrette (above).

How pretty is this scalloped photo booth backdrop? I can’t wait to host a party with a photo booth.

This pencil holder is perfect for craft rooms. Also, brilliant. I would like to make one out of an apron pocket and stuff it with knitting needles or paint brushes.

Also, more ideas for craft room storage.

There were so many great food links this week. Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perlman (love her!) gives an interview on her experience writing a muffin recipe.

And David Lebovitz interviews Matt Armendariz on food photography. He offers some wonderful insight.

Black bean patties with lime slaw and charred avocado – Is it summer yet?

Oh, and so many gorgeous photos of cake.

I hope you have a warm weekend!