the weekender 2/1/2015


Happy February everyone! And perhaps, most importantly, happy Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not into sports, so I won’t be watching the Bowl, unless you mean the Puppy Bowl, which is my favorite. I’ll probably use this time to go to the places in NYC that are normally too crowded to bother (I’m looking at you Trader Joe’s).

These Anti-Valentine’s Day hearts made me laugh. My favorite is “meh.”

Reasons why you’re late.

This hand-painted apron would make a sweet, personalized gift.

I’m so glad copper is in right now. I can never get enough. How elegant is this DIY copper candle? It looks expensive.

I really need to find a reason to use this whale fabric. Suggestions?

These West Coast embroidery kits are stunning. I wish they had some for the East Coast.

Would you try a breakfast soup?

Also for breakfast, these citrus ricotta crepes are so cheery they’d brighten up any winter morning.

the weekender 1/23/2015

Rifle Paper Co


Happy weekend, friends. I started feeling a little burnt out from heavily pursuing some of my new year’s projects, so I hopped a flight to Chicago for the weekend in hopes of shaking things up.  Instead of spending the night on the town with my best friend, we’ve already committed to staying in and watching Netflix. True love is flying across the country to watch Netflix together. <3

I’m using up a lot of my capacity for creative ventures working on the analytic (work) and physical  (exercise) aspects of my life. I walked into a craft store the other day armed with a coupon and gift card (holy grail!) and was so overwhelmed and uninspired that I left empty handed. Has that ever happened to you? It’s happened to me more than once. And I know it’s totally crazy, but I can’t help but feel like a failure.  Like, a true creative person would be able to work through this mental block and figure it out. Ah, well, I guess I’ll just take some time and keep working with what I know  and challenging myself to work harder at my roadblocks.

Creativity takes work.

And with that said, here are some creative links for the weekend.

How pretty and elegant are these DIY Leather keychains? I’ve never been more taken by keychains.

DIY Pretzel earrings. Perfect.

I wish I had an office (and coworkers) so I could make valentine’s treat bags for them.

I want to warm up with this vegetarian ramen and this tahini soup.

I can’t stop reading the Outlander series – I’m half-way through book three! The only thing that can stop me is Andie’s memoir, which I’m so excited for!


the weekender 9/20/2014

emoji cookies

Happy weekend everyone. Can you believe we’re almost through with September? I’d like to hold onto fall for as long as I can, so I’m a little in denial. This week the weather has been so crisp and cool, which means snugly cat season is among us! It’s my favorite time of year. Watson’s winter coat is also coming in. This week he’s doubled in size because of the extra fluff. So cute. Ok, enough talk about cats. Here are some great links for your weekend.

But wait, speaking of cats, this sewing machine cat scratcher is every crazy-crafter/cat lover’s dream. And you can make it yourself.

All right. There is no excuse. I have got to make some type of emoji craft asap. How awesome are these cookies?

This dessert sushi goes above and beyond. Perfect for a fun girl’s night.

Plus, a pocky cake!

Sealing homemade vanilla extract in wax makes it even more fancy.

And these planet cake toppers are perfect for astronomy lovers.


the weekender 8/28/2014


Happy long, well-deserved, much-needed weekend! Are you traveling? We’re staying at home (we’re such homebodies!) and spending some quality time with friends. I plan on drinking wine we picked up from a vineyard upstate. It feels like fall and I’m looking forward to spending time outside while it’s not too cold – so you can find me in my backyard and on my best friend’s roof. I’m also going to buy some new running shoes, play board games, and take a hike in central park. I guess it sounds boring, but I’m excited for all of it.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite links from this past week.

These dancing girls emoji pinatas (!). How fun. I can’t help but love it. I subscribe to the weird cult that loves this emoji. Do you?

Summer’s not quite over, so how great would it be to put your flowers in a pineapple vase?

Speaking of flowers, I’m loving these floral-garnished cocktails. How classy.

Since I’m pretty much obsessed with pom poms, why not put them on a cake?

I’ve been so drawn to home decor projects this week. I guess I’m nesting. I absolutely fell in love with this wooden arrow wall art.

And let’s talk about this list of restoration hardware DIYs. They all look great and so close to the real thing!

Also, Ryan and I finished our first week where we’re both working from home. I have traditionally worked from home, but now he’s staying at home as well. We didn’t drive each other crazy, yet, but it definitely feels cramped. We’re on a mission to turn some more areas in our house into office space and I am inspired by this beautiful co-working space.

the weekender 5/23/2014


Happy weekend friends! I hope everyone has a relaxing and beautiful three-day spring weekend. I was hoping to get out of town for a quick hike, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I might go to The High Line instead or try to catch the cherry blossoms at the Botanical Gardens.

I was taken by this collage (above) and all of the other prints by Beth Hockel.

I just love this homemade driftwood seahorse. It would be perfect in a beach cottage.

Making an owl cake seems easy, right?

I’m dying to fill the house with succulents and this d.i.y. hot pink clay planter is so much fun.

It’s the season for lighter foods! I’m craving these zucchini fritters and this shaved asparagus salad. What about you?

Want to start decorating your cupcakes like a pro? Amanda from I am Baker shares four ways to frost a cupcake with just a star tip.

I’m so excited because I bought removable wallpaper (also known as renter’s wallpaper). Now I need to settle on a design. Vintage Revivals did a geometric wall pattern with a sharpie. And Mandi did one with a stencil. They’re both so great! Which one would you do?

the weekender 5/3/2014


(image via)

Happy Weekend everyone. We’re half-way through Saturday and I’m full of energy. My parents are coming this week, but we’re only partially unpacked, without furniture, and in need of a few essential household items, like a bath rug and trash can. We’re at that point in the move where we’ve put it off too long. We need to make that inevitable trip to Ikea, or at least Target, to get those final pieces a that make a house a home.

I’ve been in a flurry completing a few final home-decor DIYs. You should be seeing those in the next couple of weeks. I hope everyone has a sunny May weekend! Here are some of my favorite links this week.

Elise was dead on with her post Three Things I Know to be True about DIY ProjectsDo you agree?

This beet pizza crust pizza stopped me in my tracks. (Photo above).

Deb at Smitten Kitchen announced her brunch arsenal, and I’m inspired. Perfect for Mother’s Day.

Speaking of, these plant pots with gold foil lettering would make a great DIY Mother’s Day gift.

The cutest ice cubes.

Three nontraditional and pretty ways to use embroidery hoops.

This grilled pound cake is decadent.

And Lady GaGa has a flying dress! What?! (via SwissMiss)

the weekender 4/18/2014

Happy Good Friday and Easter Weekend! We’re in our (hopefully) last weekend of moving into the new apartment. We’re slowly getting settled, most notably because this morning we got internet! The new apartment has great lighting and white walls, which I’m thrilled about. In case you haven’t caught my complaining, my last apartment had pink and green walls. I could never get my photos right. Colored walls are a curse for me. The new apartment originally had orange walls, but I told the landlord I couldn’t move in until it was painted over. This is actually the second apartment I’ve lived in with orange walls, which makes me think they must give that color away for free at the paint store.

Red Thread Sock Easter Bunny

Since we’ll still be moving this weekend, our Easter festivities will be kept at a minimum. But here are a few Easter-themed links for your weekend.

I just love the egg shell candle trend, and these lavender ones are beautiful.

And more ways to display tea lights, hang them in whisks.

I adore these bunny softies (pictured above). They’d be a perfect for an Easter basket.

You could do so many variations on these stenciled hand towels.

Easter egg terrariums for your Easter fete.

Serve some springtime lemon petite fours at your Easter brunch.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone.

the weekender 4/11/2014

Cake Pops

Happy spring weekend! The weather is beautiful in NYC and it seems like everyone is in high spirits – even the cats! This weekend, Ryan and I will be moving into our first apartment together. It’s such a big step! But I’m excited. We’re also trying to squeeze in a trip to a small town upstate. Talk about ambitious. What about you? Do you have anything fun planned?

These roses are actually cake pops! (pictured above)

Speaking of settling into a new apartment, I would just love to have a giant chalkboard wall.

How fun is this doughnut clock? It probably wouldn’t last long in my house.

This beautiful fire pit used to be a washing machine!

Upgrade your cheesecakes.

And while we’re on the subject of delicious, these indoor s’mores look incredible.

This dyed eggshell tea light centerpiece would be perfect for Easter dinner.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. It might be a bit quiet around here as we move and settle into the new place, but I’ll keep everyone posted on our progress. In the meantime, you can always follow me on Pinterest to get more ideas like these.

Beyond the Dye – Easter Eggs 5 Ways

Every year Easter comes around, I’m always inspired by the many beautiful and unique egg designs around the web.I don’t normally decorate eggs for Easter, because what am I going to do with a dozen hard-boiled eggs? Still, there are some great techniques that surpass the traditional dye cup. Here are five Easter Egg dying ideas you can do yourself and not all of them are made with real eggs.

Easter Eggs

1. Tattooed | 2. Marbled | 3. Wooden | 4. Nail Polish Marbling | 5. Hand Painted

I’ve also always wanted to try traditional batik dying, but it seems pretty involved. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

the weekender 3/14/2014

Have a beautiful weekend! We’re taking it easy around the house since we had a whirlwind of a time last week for my birthday and we’re going to have a crazy couple of weeks going forward. I’m actually excited to have the chance to do some deep cleaning and laundry (exciting, I know). While I’m doing that, here are some links for your weekend.

Apple Pie from Elephantine

Happy Pi Day! This is the best step-by-step tutorial I’ve ever seen for how to make an apple pie.

I feel like I’m the last person on earth to get behind the avocado toast trend. I tried it for the first time this week.Now I’m obsessed and can’t wait to top it with goat cheese.

Best tip this week? Freeze caramelized onions to use them later!

These wall hangers are such a pretty and easy d.i.y.

And this homemade bar tray is so pretty and classy.

How amazing do these pom pom fruits look?

Oh, and just for fun. Would you ever put these lights in your house?