dino love jewlery

It’s no surprise that I love dinosaurs. I have a tattoo of an apatosaurus on my calf. But really, I’d like to take it up a notch and deck my body out in dinosaur bling.

like these over at verameat:

dino love bone – the description says “worn by Miranda July.” I knew I loved her/this necklace/both.

For the water-loving vegetarian:

Elasamasaurus Lochness

And for the hungry carnivore:

dino love

Oh, but woe is me, what a hefty price tag. Hello, etsy [warning, i may have gone a little overboard.]

natural history dinosaur earrings

t-rex skull pendant necklace

triceratops hair pins

darling dinosaur necklace

triceratops brooch [what a great brooch!]

vintage t-rex necklace

gold apatosaurus

As you can see, I’m quite the enthusiast. What do you think? Are the etsy finds a similar cheaper alternative? What ones would you wear?

Also, verameat has quite the selection of monster, vampire, and animal jewelry, and it’s all magnificently done.

Benoit Vieubled’s globe chandelier

This is spectacular.

It’s Benoit Vieuble’s globe chandelier.

It’s practically breathtaking. I am often stupefied by any type of cartographic art. Maps and globes are dazzling.

Couldn’t you stare at it for hours? They’re such tiny renderings of our planet – our tremendous planet, with vast oceans, places I’ve never seen, cultures and environments I probably will never have the chance to visit.

It’s good to feel just a little small sometimes.

images from benoit vieubled, via black*eiffel & recyclart