jonathan adler porcelain

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? It seemed like this year there was more food than ever. Also, my boyfriend ate all of my Tofurkey. Usually, I have leftovers for a week. He’s not invited to the next one.

Here is some fun little tabletop eye candy from Jonathan Adler.

Whale Pitcher

Mr. & Mrs. Muse Mugs

Utopia Pleasantly Plump Mugs

Bird Salt/Pepper Shaker

Banana Salt/Pepper Shaker

What do you think? Cute or what?

decorated sugar for Christmas

I came across these in a tea shop while searching for some Christmas gifts.

They’re sugars. How adorable.

They’re made from Sugars by Sharon.

She has all sorts of really great colors and designs. I’ve featured some Christmas ones, but she also has Valentine’s, wedding, baby shower, Easter, and Fourth of July. She also have a variety of beautiful flowers and sea shells.

I think this would make an affordable, luxurious gift for friends, especially tea and coffee enthusiasts.

all photos from Sugars by Sharon


good buy: kmart breakfast nook

My good friend, Bryan, always takes me to weird places that I normally wouldn’t walk into. This week, it was Kmart. We found this gem and he’s buying it.

It’s quite darling for a plastic Kmart breakfast nook. I’m very happy he’s buying it. It’s much better than the  Wal-Mart table I bought a few years ago for the same price. Right, that’s the best part – we found it in store for $200. I can’t seem to find that price or this color online. But here’s one in white for the original price of $400, which I would not pay.

I know it’s not the most classy thing, but the truth is we’re poor and can’t afford great things yet. Crate & Barrel will have to wait.

What do you think about it?

interruption of dismal days [etsy find]

hello dear readers,

I’m sorry for the hiatus. Has it been a rough week for everyone else? The weather is cycling in strange ups and downs between lovely and freezing. All of my friends seem to be having a very hard time with life right now. It can be overwhelming and heartbreaking to see so many of my loved ones miserable. Although I seem to be prospering where they are struggling, I’ve had my own set of frustrating setbacks, specifically, with this blog. I took my sewing machine to the repair shop, and the mechanic simply said buy a new machine. Needless to say, that’s not what I wanted to hear. And it’s becoming more apparent that my brand new camera has been stolen or hopelessly lost, which means no more pictures of my cute things I have made. However, after a week of moping, I think it’s time to get back in the swing of things. I have tomorrow off of work, and I hope to spend it curled up with a book [Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom] and my adorable cats.

Wonderful Papercut Art by Tina Tarnoff

Strangely, they seem to capture a lot of my moods lately.

Autumn Kiss

Elvira on a Tightrope Necklace

The Lighthouse

The World Tour


edible artwork: vegetable recreations of famous art

Check out these cool recreations of famous artwork. What are they recreated with? Veggies!

I love this napa cabbage background. It does look heavenly.

Birth of the Gingerman

What do you think makes up her clothing? It sort of looks gross. I’m betting collards. They’re one green I can’t stand.

Mona Tofu

Look at the detail in this one.

The Kiss of the Radishes

From far away, these leeks can totally be interpreted as brush strokes.

Vincent Van Gogh Made of Leek

Oh, what wonderful facial features.

Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Pickled Cabbage

This is the same face I make when I’m forced to eat sweet potato. Yes, I hate sweet potato. Also, what is making up the blue background? Eggplant? Blueberries?

The Scream of the Sweet Potatoes

Images by Ju Duoqi from her Vegetable Museum Exhibit via Flavorwire

etsy finds: dictionary prints

Aren’t these lovely prints on vintage dictionary paper?

Above from DreameryStudio

Why, yes, lately I’ve been obsessed with alpacas.

I think the colored ones are beautiful.

Above via CollageORama

Above via Little Blue Bird Studios

Once again, I’m amazed at how cheap etsy can be. All of these prints are under $10. Sorry for such a image heavy post. I couldn’t decide which ones to choose.




the balloon people

Florida’s weather has warmed up. I had to turn on my air last night. This has left me in a sour mood. Also, is anyone else stressing about Halloween costumes? I’m in a funk and need to feel inspired. Fortunately, I stumbled across these photos the other day. How cheerful.

The Balloon People

I don’t know what I excites me more: the fun of seeing a real, live balloon person [see description], the joy of potentially being the recipient of these balloons, or the courage it takes to be a balloon person.

Photos by Anton Kawaskai

more cute no-carve pumpkin ideas

In case you’re in a crunch, here’s another no-carve cutie. Halloween is less than a week away, but no worries, I still haven’t carved mine yet. Yikes. Admittedly, I’m behind this holiday season. I have some yummy treats to post (but first bake), and my costume pattern is still pinned to the fabric. Here’s hoping for some free time this week.

via AnnilyGreen