celebrate pillows!

I strongly believe there are two types of people in this world: those whose lives would be adversely affected if pillows didn’t exist and those whose lives wouldn’t. If pillows disappeared today, you can bet I’d be in a perpetual state of crankiness. I’m a pro lounger. I like to lay on things, especially pillows, or drape them over me in a “I’m going to hide from my problems” type of way. I like to nap on my couch with a pillow on every side.

My boyfriend is the other type of person. Beware of these people – the pillow haters (and by extension life haters, puppy haters, and cupcake haters). He thinks they’re extraneous fluff in life.

Today is the day to celebrate the pretty pillows in your life, or at least the ones you wish were in your life. Appreciate the things that make your day comfy, relaxing, and soft.

Go team pillows!

My bestie pointed this one out.

Turquoise Dandelion Pillow by MaDahms

It seems like owl pillows are everywhere.

Owl Pillow by Pink Bunny Patterns

I’m a sucker for anything under the sea.

Burlap French Whale Pillow by Sam

Coffee is my favorite thing, so it makes sense to have it in pillow form.

Brazilian Coffee Bag Pillow by Habitation Inc

This pillow is breathtaking. I love the fabric and the colors are great. Plus, love geography.

Map of the Earth by Vintage Jamie

More under the sea gems. This one is made with hand felted Australian Merino wool.

Screen Printed Squid by Olof’s Daughters

Have a tea party on pillows?

Leivos by poimiakukkia

How do you like your pillows, er, eggs?

Sunny Side Up Pillow by diffraction fiber

I feel very silly today.

Which type of person are you? A pillow lover or hater?

Benoit Vieubled’s globe chandelier

This is spectacular.

It’s Benoit Vieuble’s globe chandelier.

It’s practically breathtaking. I am often stupefied by any type of cartographic art. Maps and globes are dazzling.

Couldn’t you stare at it for hours? They’re such tiny renderings of our planet – our tremendous planet, with vast oceans, places I’ve never seen, cultures and environments I probably will never have the chance to visit.

It’s good to feel just a little small sometimes.

images from benoit vieubled, via black*eiffel & recyclart


paige russell’s muzo collectibles

It’s really hard for me to justify purchases of trinkets that are only for seasonal decor. It’s also nearly impossible for me to display anything in my house because of those destructive demons I call cats. But these Muzo Collectibles are rather darling and would make a beautiful display in any home.

They’re made with natural unfinished wood and porcelain.

The whole set includes a sheep, a caribou, and a polar bear. You can also buy these trees that you can assemble yourself.

I also like the choice of animals in this collection. Maybe it’s been a while since my last winter, but I don’t see too many polar bear and caribou decorations, only a lot of penguins and reindeer.

The holidays make me want to slow down and appreciate simple things. The minimalist construction is sleek and clean, it puts me at ease.

What is your opinion on seasonal decor? Is it worth the price?

(via creature comforts, images from paige russell)