the weekender 1/23/2015

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Happy weekend, friends. I started feeling a little burnt out from heavily pursuing some of my new year’s projects, so I hopped a flight to Chicago for the weekend in hopes of shaking things up.  Instead of spending the night on the town with my best friend, we’ve already committed to staying in and watching Netflix. True love is flying across the country to watch Netflix together. <3

I’m using up a lot of my capacity for creative ventures working on the analytic (work) and physical  (exercise) aspects of my life. I walked into a craft store the other day armed with a coupon and gift card (holy grail!) and was so overwhelmed and uninspired that I left empty handed. Has that ever happened to you? It’s happened to me more than once. And I know it’s totally crazy, but I can’t help but feel like a failure.  Like, a true creative person would be able to work through this mental block and figure it out. Ah, well, I guess I’ll just take some time and keep working with what I know  and challenging myself to work harder at my roadblocks.

Creativity takes work.

And with that said, here are some creative links for the weekend.

How pretty and elegant are these DIY Leather keychains? I’ve never been more taken by keychains.

DIY Pretzel earrings. Perfect.

I wish I had an office (and coworkers) so I could make valentine’s treat bags for them.

I want to warm up with this vegetarian ramen and this tahini soup.

I can’t stop reading the Outlander series – I’m half-way through book three! The only thing that can stop me is Andie’s memoir, which I’m so excited for!


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