Quick Stocking Organization

I’ve put off posting this particular bit of information because, well, I couldn’t tell if it actually fit in my blog. I kept going back wondering if this was weird or useful. I don’t know why I had such anxiety about posting a way to store stockings and pantyhose, but here I am, a full year after I’ve taken the photos and implemented this organizational strategy.

And you know, what? It’s really great! Because today I’m talking about organization and ice cream (well, gelato). It’s a win-win.

Earlier this month, I removed my winter gear from where it was hiding under the bed and in the closets. This process included completing the frustrating task of untangling my winter hosiery and checking for holes and buying replacements. Last winter was rough and the holes were victorious.

Stocking Organization

Normally, at this point, I just stuff the tights in my sock drawer and deal with them tangling and catching on each other. But now I’ve started storing them in empty Talenti gelato jars and it has been wonderful.

First, I get to eat some amazing gelato. I love that stuff. Second, I can sort the jars by color. I like to stick the blacks in one jar and the pinks/nudes in another. Then have a rainbow jar. You can write the name of the color on top of the jar and you know exactly where your tights are.

Stocking Organization

If you roll the tights up, a single jar can usually fit four pairs of lighter tights or three pairs of thicker tights.

So what do you think? Do you think you’d give this a try? Would you decorate your jar? I’ve been tempted, but haven’t gotten around to it. It seems like a fun way to use some jewel stones and brighten up your sock drawer.

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