the weekender 9/20/2014

emoji cookies

Happy weekend everyone. Can you believe we’re almost through with September? I’d like to hold onto fall for as long as I can, so I’m a little in denial. This week the weather has been so crisp and cool, which means snugly cat season is among us! It’s my favorite time of year. Watson’s winter coat is also coming in. This week he’s doubled in size because of the extra fluff. So cute. Ok, enough talk about cats. Here are some great links for your weekend.

But wait, speaking of cats, this sewing machine cat scratcher is every crazy-crafter/cat lover’s dream. And you can make it yourself.

All right. There is no excuse. I have got to make some type of emoji craft asap. How awesome are these cookies?

This dessert sushi goes above and beyond. Perfect for a fun girl’s night.

Plus, a pocky cake!

Sealing homemade vanilla extract in wax makes it even more fancy.

And these planet cake toppers are perfect for astronomy lovers.


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